Plumbers vs. Pipefitters: How Do They Differ?

26 February 2019

There are many times when people are searching for the services of a professional plumber when the question arises about the difference between plumbers and pipefitters. While still many people see these as interchangeable titles of the same job, they aren’t. Actually, plumbers and pipefitters are both highly trained professionals that have spent years in training at their professions.

So, what are the differences between plumber and pipefitters, you ask? Keep reading and you will learn how although they have similarities, there are distinct differences between these two trades.

The Differences between Plumbers and Pipefitters

While many people may think that these two job titles are the same, they aren’t. Plumbers and pipefitters are not one in the same, but separate occupations that share some similarities. To help clear up the confusion, below is an explanation and breakdown of the differences between plumbers and pipefitters:

The plumber occupation – plumbing services are in constant demand, as plumbers are busy installing and repairing pipes, toilets, water heaters, garbage disposals, and all types of plumbing systems related to drinking water, waste water, and residential and commercial drainage systems. Plumbers are equipped with many different types of tools to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts while making repairs or installing pipes, or any number of parts that make up a plumbing system.

The pipefitter occupation – pipefitters also work with pipes. Although, they specialise in working with pipes that are designed to handle various materials under high pressure, such as pipes that contain steam, chemicals, oils, and even acids. Pipes they work on are often part of refrigeration systems, boilers, or HVAC system.

Basically, you will find pipefitters working in the industrial and manufacturing sectors installing and repairing elaborate piping systems. One of the main tools that they commonly use that differentiates them from plumbers is the cutting torch.

While there are similarities between plumbers and pipefitters, these are two separate occupations that work with pipes, and are able to read blueprints of buildings and structures, and are versed in local building codes and regulations. Plumbers basically work with piping found in residential and commercial buildings, including copper and PVC pipes, while pipefitters work with industrial facilities that use high pressure, specialise pipes that contain various types of liquids or steam.

Larger plumbing companies like G. Brand & Sons Plumbing Melbourne, employ both professional plumbers and pipefitters, and are able to handle any residential, commercial, or industrial plumbing job.

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