Oils And Fats: How Do They Cause Blockage in Your Pipes?

22 February 2023

What do you usually do with a pan containing leftover fat and oil from dinner?  You pour it down the drain, correct? Well, perhaps not! However, we will address a few often-asked queries regarding cooking oil and fats disposal down your kitchen sink.  While it may appear harmless, there are many reasons to rethink doing so. We’ll discuss the potential effects of oil pouring on your plumbing system and its potential harm to the environment.

Why It’s Not Safe to Pour Oil Down Your Drain?

Grease, oils, and fats are all harmful to the environment. They can block drains when they are poured down them, which can result in sewer overflows. In addition to being a concern for the environment, this also affects public safety because sewage overflow incidents have led to flooding houses and businesses. The harmful effects of a blocked sewer line are also not good for the environment and your health.

What Happens If You Pour Oil Down Your Drains?

Do you understand the difference between fats, oils, and grease? If not, avoid flushing any down the drain. You may likely experience a plumbing issue in the future if there is a lot of fat or oil build-up in your drains. It makes a slippery surface for all the food and grease that is draining. As a result, nasty substances like soap scum, hair, and other items may accumulate. The accumulation of dirt in the pipes is one of the most frequent reasons for clogged drains. It’s a frequent myth that you can pour oil down the drain to clear obstructions. That is untrue! Your pipes will become fully blocked by oil, eventually building into a thick, sludgy mess.

How Do You Deal with Blocked Drains?

Locate the blocked drain first, and then add an equal amount of hot water (you can use boiling water). Pour it down your blocked drains, then wait five to ten minutes before running more hot water. Any stuck-on food particles or solid oil build-up will be lubricated by doing this, which will make them simpler to remove with a plunger. If this doesn’t work, then it’s best to let a professional plumber handle it. There is a possibility that the issue is severe if a simple workaround doesn’t work anymore.

Pouring fats and oils down the drain can result in plumbing issues such as clogged drains and other inconveniences for you as a homeowner that are expensive to repair. You should never pour cooking oils and other liquids of the same type down your drain; instead, they should be disposed of outside in a trash can or recycled. Don’t freak out if you’ve already poured something bad for pipes down the drain without realising it!

To prevent your drains from clogging unexpectedly, the skilled plumbers from G. Brand & Sons Plumbing Melbourne can assist in maintaining your sewage system operating efficiently by providing services like sewer inspections and cleaning. Since we know how crucial it is for homeowners like you to avoid pouring oils or grease down their drains, we also provide some strategies to help you avoid these problems.

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