Most Common Issues with Flushometers and How to Troubleshoot Them

28 January 2022

Property owners utilise different types of fittings and devices to ensure that their toilets are maintained optimally. One of the fittings that they maximise is flushometers.

Flushometers are water-diverters that can effectively flush tankless toilets. What is great about flushometers is that they can save a lot of water. Unlike conventional toilets, toilets with flushometers are known to effectively flush water through water pressure instead of using high volumes of water. The amount of water saved with flushometers can easily protect the planet from losing its water supply.

If your property maximises flushometers, then you can contribute to the conservation of water. However, if they manifest the following issues, then you must resolve them right away.

Inconsistent Flush Length

Flushometers are expected to flush normally if they are in good condition. However, if the flush length tends to become too short, then some of their parts may have obtained some damages. Some parts that may have obtained damages include the diaphragm assembly and the handle assembly. Replacing them right away might help in reverting the flush length to normal. If the flush length, alternatively, is too long, then your by-pass orifice in the diaphragm has been clogged. Cleaning the diaphragm may help resolve the issue. If not, then you may have to replace the diaphragm assembly.

Failure to Flush Completely

Another potential issue that your flushometers may manifest is the failure to flush entirely. One possible reason why your flushometers do not flush is the closure of the main valve supply. Having a closed control stop may likewise lead to this issue. To resolve this problem, you may have to open the said parts so that the flushometers can work again. If they are open and your flushometers still do not want to function, then you may have to replace the handle assembly, piston assembly, and relief valve.

Wastewater Splashing Out

The water inside the toilet is meant to be contained there. Hence, if your flushometers tend to splash the water out, then something must be done to fix this issue. As wastewater splashes out the toilets, it can easily make the surrounding floor wet and unsafe. It can likewise lead to the contamination of the place as dirty microbes are spread effectively. To resolve this problem, you may have to limit the opening of the control stop. You may likewise want to install the right diaphragm assembly in your flushometers.

Insufficient Volume of Water

One more common issue with flushometers that you may possess is the existence of an insufficient volume of water. If you have this problem, you must first check and see if the control stop is open effectively. You may likewise have parts that are installed wrongly. You may have even maximised a low-consumption valve on a non-low consumption fixture. Opting for the compatible components may prevent your flushometers from acting up and releasing an insufficient volume of water.

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