Metal Roofing Replacement for Heritage Houses and Buildings

11 July 2018

Australians have great respect and pride from their cultural heritage that is why Heritage houses and buildings are so valued and cared for. This is evident by organisations such as the Heritage Council of Victoria – an independent statutory authority – which is the main decision-making authority on Victoria’s cultural heritage issues, such as in the restoration of heritage houses and buildings.

The maintenance and restoration of heritage houses and buildings is vital in the effort to preserve places that have significant architectural, aesthetic, and cultural value that is of importance to Australia’s history. The most common restoration work conducted on heritage houses and buildings typically involves roof repair and restoration.

Replacing the roofs of heritage houses and buildings should be conducted by professionals with extensive experience on roof restoration of historic buildings, professionals such as G. Brand & Sons.

Here at G. Brand & Sons, we take great pride in offering professional metal roofing replacement services for Australia’s heritage houses and buildings that is because our services are having a long-lasting, positive effect on the preservation of such places that have architectural, aesthetic, and cultural value.

Whether it is for private homes, commercial or industrial buildings, or government buildings, G. Brand & Sons is here to help in the restoration of roofing for period buildings or older structures. No matter when the construction took place, we know how to restore the character and charm of roofing for period buildings.

Professional Metal Roof Replacement for Heritage Houses and Buildings

As specialist in metal roofing for commercial properties, as well as for heritage houses and buildings, we are very qualified to conduct metal roof repairs and replacement of period structures. One of our most significant roof replacement jobs was the replacing of the Heritage listed roof of the Australian Royal College of Surgeons in Melbourne (photos are available on our website).

Another heritage site in Heathcote Victoria, we not only replaced the entire roof, but also the handmade, copper box gutters. The work we conducted on both sites was overseen and approved by Heritage Victoria to make sure that strict specifications were achieved.

At G. Brand & Sons, we also conduct roof audits and inspections for all ages of buildings, and, we are the approved installers of the well-known and reliable brand of the Join-A-Gutter box gutter system.

For metal roof replacement for heritage houses and buildings, or for box gutter replacements (including copper gutters for heritage buildings), feel free to contact G. Brand & Sons for a free consultation today.

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