Major Types of Hot Water Systems Available in Australia

16 May 2023

Hot water system installation is a crucial task that requires careful consideration of the various types of hot water systems available in Australia. Hot water systems are an essential part of any household, providing warm water for daily activities such as bathing, cooking, and cleaning. In Australia, there are several types of hot water systems available for installation, including electric, gas, solar, and heat pump systems. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on factors such as energy efficiency, cost, and environmental impact. When choosing a hot water system for installation, it’s important to consider your household’s specific needs and budget. Proper installation by a licensed professional is also crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the system.

You should read this guide if you’re a first-time buyer with no idea what to choose. We’ve examined Australia’s four most common types of hot water systems to help you choose the ideal one for your home.

Electric Hot Water System

The most popular system in Melbourne and all of Australia is an electric water heater. This is because it has several advantages over most other options. For instance, an electric water heating system is the best option for a small family. These electric water heaters may be installed in every Melbourne home since, as their name suggests, they are powered by electricity. It may also be the cheapest system available.

Gas Hot Water System

Due to various advantages over electric water heater types, gas water heaters are becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne. First off, due to their quick heating or high recovery rate, they are excellent for large families. They can heat more water to a specific temperature in a given amount of time than an electric water heater. Research shows they can heat water twice as quickly as an electric water heater.

Solar Hot Heater System

Environmentally-friendly solutions are being promoted as a way to reduce carbon emissions as global warming becomes a significant threat to planet Earth. The solar hot water system is one of the best environmentally friendly water heating examples. Solar energy, which is renewable and readily available, powers the system. Due to its many advantages over most alternatives, this water heater system is steadily gaining favour in Melbourne. Despite the substantial initial cost, there is a minimal ongoing expense.

Heat Pump Water Heater

One of Australia’s most effective water heating methods is the heat pump water heater. As the name implies, the system functions similarly to a heat pump. It is a water heater that absorbs ambient heat and uses it to heat water. Hence, the heat pump water heater simply heats water by sucking up heat from the environment and storing it in the tank.

These are the four major hot water system types available in Melbourne. Despite this, the optimal model for your house will depend on three essential elements: the fuel supply, your spending limit, and the size of your family. The electric water heater model is the best option if electricity is the only fuel available, and so on. If you have money to spare, choose a solar- or gas-powered model to go green. The hot water system that is most suited for a large household is fuelled by gas.

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