Maintaining Free Flow in Household Plumbing: List of DIY Tips that Can Help You

09 May 2018

Because clogged drains can create a real nightmare situation, maintaining free flow in household plumbing is a top priority. Sometimes it is possible to observe water slowly draining and then take steps to stop a drain from becoming clogged, such as using a plunger. Other times, a drain becomes clogged unexpectedly, usually causing smelly water to backflow into a home. If this happens, it can actually become a serious health risk to your family.

Once a drain in your home does become clogged, there isn’t much that can be done to try to get water flowing again, other than pouring harmful chemicals down your drain. The safest option is to call a plumber to fix the problem by removing “whatever” is causing the obstruction?

Unfortunately, the cause of most clogged residential drains that prevent water from freely flowing is usually an object or substance that has been placed down the drain by someone in the home, accidentally, or intentionally, not knowing that it may cause clogging.

Thankfully, preventing clogged drains is easy, if you know what to do.

Here is a list of DIY tips that can help you maintain free flow in your home’s plumbing to prevent drains from becoming clogged:

Mesh screens – by simply placing mesh screens over shower and bathroom drains – the most common drains that become clogged – you can prevent hair, paper, plastic, food particles, or any other clog-inducing substances from entering your drains.

Use the garbage disposal less – it is easy to just use the garbage disposal to get rid of wasted food, but this isn’t a good practice because it can eventually lead to clogging. Instead, avoid using the garbage disposal as much as possible, and throw away old food in the garbage. Why not consider creating a compost bin and start a garden?

Educate children about putting anything in the drains – it is not surprising that children will put just about anything into drains. That is why it is important to educate them that they should never place toys or anything into the toilet or the drains of your home.

Buy a plunger – having a plunger on hand is a good idea because many times it is possible to use it to dislodge an obstruction enough to get water flowing down a drain or toilet again. It is a temporary fix, as whatever caused the obstruction is still often present and the drain can become clogged again.

Maintaining free flow in your household plumbing is important, and when you do have clogged drains, you should call a plumber to have them remove the obstruction and check your pipes for damage.

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