Knowing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Flushometers

24 August 2021

When it comes to toilets, property owners have a lot of options in improving them. But one fitting that can be added to enhance the toilets of most properties is the flushometer.

A flushometer is a plumbing device that can help flush the contents of a toilet bowl without relying on gravity and a water tank. This plumbing device instead maximises a lower-volume, higher-pressure stream in getting rid of all the toilet bowl wastes. The functionality of the flushometer can be activated through a lever, button, or motion sensor. Given all the characteristics of flushometers, they are often used in public restrooms that are found in commercial and industrial buildings.

Flushometers Grant Noteworthy Benefits

Conventional toilets that maximise water tanks would often use a lot of water just to remove the wastes. And at times, a huge percentage of the water consumed is not even needed in getting rid of wastes. This fact alone makes conventional toilets to be extremely wasteful in terms of water and money.

Since flushometers do not rely on a water tank in flushing toilet bowl content out of properties, they can effectively save a huge amount of water. The water resources here on the planet may still be abundant, but not everyone gets the chance to access them freely. Maximising flushometers on your property allow you to save water and ensure that its main source will not deplete anytime soon.

Aside from conserving resources, flushometers can also carry out their functions very quickly. Since they do not need water from a reservoir, they can immediately send a stream of water to the toilet and remove all its wastes. Activating them through a lever, button, or motion sensor allows them to work instantly.

The absence of bulky water tanks on flushometers, lastly, makes them great for properties that require more spaces. Water tanks can take up a lot of space. And if you want to maximise the available spaces that your property has, then opting for flushometers can be a good decision for you.

Watch Out for Flushometers’ Drawbacks

Even though flushometers can grant tremendous benefits to property owners like you, they can still have some drawbacks that you must watch out for.

One drawback of maximising flushometers is that not all plumbing systems can work with them. For flushometers to work effectively, they must be installed alongside toilets that can work with a lower flush volume. If the toilets require too much flush volume, then they must be replaced just to allow flushometers to work. Aside from the toilets, the pipes must also have a water pressure of around 20 to 25 psi for the flushometers to work. Without these types of pipes, flushometers will not be able to function properly.

While some homeowners might want to maximise flushometers, the pipes of their properties typically cannot handle the needed water pressure of flushometers. Hence, flushometers can only be utilised by commercial and industrial properties.

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