Join-A-Gutter box gutter system: What is a Box Gutter?

10 October 2014

Maintaining a building starts from the top down, whether it is a residential, commercial, warehouse or storage property, all things associated with the roof should be the main concern. And, this includes the gutter system. Why is a building’s gutter system a main concern? Water can fall from the sky at anytime, and does in some areas all year long. Second to the roof, which protects the inside of a building from getting wet or flooded with water, a gutter system helps in another equally import way.

A gutter system, when working properly, shuttles water from the roof and directs it in safe desired locations away from the building’s foundation. Not all buildings’ foundations are constructed the same, and regular water saturation of the land around a building foundation can weaken it in time, especially if there is heavy yearly rain fall and no gutter system in place, or there is but the gutter system is damaged and not shuttling water away from the building effectively.

In a worst case scenario, depending on the type of dirt, gravel or soil that a building’s foundation is set in, the foundation of a home can crack or even slide away! Of course, this is a worst case scenario; however, foundation cracking is quite common. The cause is a weakening and wearing down of the concrete that makes up a building’s base, and the culprit is misdirected water which was allowed to seep into the land around the foundation.

There are many types of gutter systems to choose from, however, from a maintenance perspective, installing gutters should have ease of maintenance in mind. One particularly hardy and effective gutter type, which is also easy to maintain and install, is a box gutter system. What is are box gutters?

What are Box Gutters?

You may already know what box gutters are, they have a few other names. Trough gutters or parallel gutters are other names you may be familiar with; however, they really are all just box gutters. For larger roofs such as for warehouses, box gutters are recommended because they can accommodate a large volume of water than most common residential gutter systems. The main reason why gutters become damaged is because of the weight that’s placed on them when torrential rains strike. They can be used alongside other gutter systems and are ideally used to catch water in the valley between two roofs that run parallel with one another.

The most important feature of box gutters is the amount of water that these can accommodate and their hardiness to handle the weight even from torrential rains. One company in Melbourne who specializes in box gutters is G Brand & Sons Plumbing, these folks have been in the business for a few years short of a century, and they know all about box gutters. In fact, the company is an approved installer of a special box gutter system, the Join-A-Gutter Box Gutter System.

The Join-A-Gutter Box Gutter System actually improves the installation, effectiveness and maintenance of the traditional box gutter design. For more information about this improved box gutter system and how it can help keep unwanted water from saturating the area around your building, please contact the fine folks at G Brand & Sons Plumbing.

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