Installing a rain water tank

22 July 2014

Are you mulling over whether you should install a rain water tank or not? It is not a bad idea actually, reducing your use of city water, especially for outdoor gardening, cleaning and washing your vehicle just makes sense when you think about it. The best way to reduce your use of piped-in water is by installing a rain water tank on your property. Having a water tank on your property has many benefits. Saving money is one of the benefits of catching your on water, because it will lower your home’s water consumption. Using less piped-in water means lower water utility bills every month. It should also give you a peace of mind knowing that you have uninterrupted access to water in case of an emergency.

Diverting rain water that falls on your home’s roof into a storage tank can greatly reduce your family’s dependence on municipal water. Water you catch in this way can be stored in a tank and then used in many ways, such as washing dishes, washing the family car, watering plants in your garden, or watering the grass on your front lawn. When you consider how many liters of water a typical Australian family uses each month it becomes quite clear how effective a water tank can be in reducing your dependence on municipal water. Any water use other than drinking or cooking is ideal use for rain water, however, a quality home water filtering system can assure you that you will also have clean water to drink and cook with as well.

Why Installing a Rain Water Tank Makes Sense

When considering that most homes use less than 5% of their piped-in water for cooking and drinking it becomes crystal clear why installing a rain water tank makes so much sense. Imagine that nearly 100% of your home’s water usage (which you are paying for) is used other than for drinking and cooking. Water is used for washing clothes and dishes, for use in your waste water system, cleaning inside and outside your home, for gardening or is simply just wasted. That’s a lot of water families pay for, but you don’t have too.

Doesn’t it make sense to use the FREE rainwater you’ve got stored in your rain water tank to water your lawn and the plants in your garden? Or, you can use rainwater to replace the water you use to wash your clothes or flush your toilets. Maintaining a yard, showering, washing clothes and flushing the toilets in your home make up more than 90% of a typical family’s water use each month. That is a lot of water! Immediately you can begin to calculate how much money you could be saving off your regular municipal water bill each month.

When is the best time to install a rain water tank? Actually, in Melbourne, anytime is the best time to install a rain water tank. Installing a rain water tank properly requires an adept plumber, which it shouldn’t be hard to find a commercial or domestic plumber Melbourne that can accommodate you.

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