Installation Services of Thermostatic Mixers in Aged Care Facilities: Why is this Necessary?

31 July 2020

Older people who require strict personal assistance and consistent health care tend to go to aged care facilities. These facilities can readily provide all the personal care and health services that older people need to survive and maintain their quality of life. These places offer nursing care, 24-hour supervision, regular meals a day, assistance with daily activities, and rehabilitation services.

Given the intricate nature and environment of aged care facilities, most of their spaces and areas must contain elements that are best suitable for older people. One of the elements that they must have is thermostatic mixers. These mixers play a crucial role in controlling and managing the temperature of water whenever it is needed. They also help in preventing skin injuries that may harm anyone.

The installation of thermostatic mixers in aged care facilities is important due to the following reasons:

Prevents Scalding Issues

Taps and showers without thermostatic mixers tend to cause a high number of serious thermal shock or scalding injuries every year. Many accidents related to these situations also happen due to the sudden release of extremely hot water from the taps. A huge percentage of injuries in aged care facilities are caused by the hot water from the taps. And since older people have slower reaction times, the possibility of them getting hot water burns is naturally high.

With thermostatic mixers, the water that is coming out from the taps and showers is now fully regulated and maintained based on the safest water temperatures possible in aged care facilities. Those who will be using the taps and showers in these facilities do not have to worry anymore about the possibility of getting serious burns anymore. Slipping or falling suddenly because of the sudden release of hot water can also be minimised significantly. And if the supply of the optimum water temperature is lost, the thermostatic mixer can promptly cut off the water flow to avoid water-related injuries.

Accomplishes Duty of Care

The installation services of thermostatic mixers in aged care facilities are important since the government regulations urge them to do so. The regulations persuade owners and managers of aged care facilities to make their places safe by controlling all the risks associated with hot water usage. Aside from scalding, they must also make sure that their hot water output is safe from bacteria and viruses like Legionella. Fortunately, thermostatic mixers can help eradicate Legionella in some ways.

One of the regulations that are enforced by the government is the presence of thermostatic mixers. The proven effectiveness of thermostatic mixers makes them suitable in aged care facilities, especially when it comes to providing safe and optimal hot and cold water for elderlies. These mixers can also work as a fail-safe device, especially when the water temperatures become erratic and inconsistent. As long as these aged care facilities install, maintain, and repair these mixers regularly, they can easily provide the best services for older people without compromising their health and causing any harm and injuries.

Installing thermostatic mixers in your aged care facility can truly help in ensuring a safe place for elderlies. If you want to have this type of mixer, then feel free to give us a call at G. Brand & Sons.

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