How to prevent gas leakages?

08 April 2015

Natural gas is one of Australia’s largest resources. Due to its many applications, more commercial and residential properties are using it now more than ever before. It is typically used for cooking, though this can be extended to heating homes in cold weather and cooling them on cold days. Other uses of natural gas include electrical generation, production of steam heat, and fuel for transportation.

The popularity of natural gas comes with a price, however. Having natural gas in a home, for example, there is an increased risk of gas leaks with its use. For homes and commercial buildings which rely on natural gas, it is important that people know these risks and how to prevent them.

Why Should I Prevent Gas Leakages?

Gas leaks can take place indoors and outdoors. Indoor gas leaks, however, are more dangerous because the natural gases are unable to escape, and this causes them to build-up. As gases accumulate within a building, these become more volatile, and this could ultimately lead to an explosion. And, such an explosion can easily engulf a home in flames.

Pooling of natural gases indoors also makes people and pets sick. Outdoors, the gases might kill your plants and cause them to wither. Natural gases are poisonous to living beings when inhaled for prolonged periods. This should give you more reason to prevent gas leaks within your home.

How Can I Prevent Gas Leakages?

Gas leakages are best prevented by checking and monitoring your gas pipes on a regular basis. That way, you’d be able to spot problem areas or discover any damages well before they cause you any trouble. Leaky gas pipes are often caused by poor maintenance or fitting. Take note of parts that need to be repaired or replaced. Hire services such as G. Brand & Sons to do the job for you, since repairing broken gas pipes or replacing them on your own can be dangerous and could make matters worse.

In addition to monitoring gas pipes for signs of damage or wear and tear, you should be on the lookout for unusual smells and sounds. Why is that? If you pick up the scent of rotten eggs or hear hissing sounds near a gas pipe, it would be best to turn off all electrical devices and avoid the use of matches or lighters. It is advised to leave your home right away and call your preferred utility service. These are signs of leaky gas pipes which must be handled with caution.

It would be more convenient to hire a service like G. Brand & Sons to keep tabs on your gas pipes regularly. This ensures the safety of your property and the health of everyone in your home. You could also benefit from maintaining all appliances and equipment that use natural gas in your home. You can find more information about how to prevent gas leakages here:

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