How to Detect Gas Leaks in Your Commercial Kitchen

22 November 2022

One of the many risks workers in commercial kitchens face is the possibility of a fire starting because of gas leaks. Rubber tube leaks, poor regulator fittings, careless handling of gas equipment, and unsupervised cooking are the main causes of gas leaks and overflows. Therefore, if you operate a commercial kitchen, you must exercise caution and take the necessary precautions to protect your business from hazards like gas leaks. You must know the indicators of gas leaks and install gas leak detectors to contact commercial plumbers promptly and avert any serious mishaps.  However, given that a gas leak has the potential to do unthinkable harm, you should hire a plumber with experience and knowledge of commercial plumbing. You can get in contact with G. Brand & Sons if you’re looking for knowledgeable commercial plumbers in Melbourne.

What indicators can you look for to determine whether a gas leak is present in your commercial kitchen?

Whistling Sound

It can be a serious warning of a loose connection or tear through which pressurised gas is escaping if you hear any slight hissing or whistling in the kitchen. In this case, you should get in touch with an experienced plumber immediately so they can assess the problem and offer a suitable remedy. Therefore, if your commercial kitchen space is located in Melbourne, you can get in touch with the plumbing experts at G. Brand & Sons.

Foul Odour

Utility companies mix pungent chemicals into gas so that you can quickly identify any leaks. Any odour strongly sulphurous or somewhat like rotten eggs is a sign of a gas leak.

Yellow Flames

A burner that is operating properly produces a clear, blue flame. As a result, if you see that the flame colour has changed to yellow or orange, be aware that this could mean that the air and gas were not properly mixed, signalling a potential gas leak.

Burnt Appliance

There is a good possibility that a gas leak has left any brown or black soot stains on gas-using appliances. It is because such a mark develops whenever an unsuitable mixture of air and gasoline happens.

Increase in Gas Bill

One of the key indicators that business owners frequently neglect because they believe that other things are to blame for the bill’s increase is a rise in gas prices. However, the potential for a gas leak should not be discounted and should be carefully evaluated by experts.

In addition to these, there are other indicators, such as the withering and drying of any nearby grass due to a pipeline break. Therefore, as the business property owner, you must ensure that you do not ignore any indications of a gas leak and that your property is adequately safeguarded. So, if you ever see any of these warning signals, be sure to contact a reputable gas plumber professional, such as G. Brand & Sons Plumbing Melbourne, who are known for their experience and competence.

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