How to Deal with Unexpected Commercial Plumbing Emergency

20 January 2023

Let’s face it; commercial plumbing crises are a business owner’s worst nightmare. Plumbing issues in your plumbing system, such as clogged toilets or water pouring out of busted pipes, require prompt attention and skilled servicing, or they could cause serious damage to your property. And to make matters worse, they may disrupt your company’s operations and harm your building’s structural integrity. Any store or business manager should hire a plumber for plumbing repairs as soon as tragic situations (broken sewer lines, roof leaks, low water pressure, malfunctioning water heaters, etc.) happen. Most of the time, the plumbers shouldn’t need much time to get to the job site and start working on the plumbing. What if they take longer, though?

Instead of freaking out, managers can take a few steps to address the commercial emergency plumbing to protect the staff and the property. So, let’s start by discussing how to deal with an unexpected commercial plumbing emergency.

Turn off the Water Flow and Plunge the Overflowing Toilet

Overflowing toilets, one of the frequent urgent plumbing problems in commercial establishments, are typically caused by clogged drains. Many things clog pipes and hinder drains, including flushing diapers and sanitary napkins. Therefore, turn the valve counterclockwise to stop the water flow if there is a busted toilet in your commercial building. Until the plumbers come to handle this urgent plumbing, you can use a plunger to clear the clogged toilet. However, avoid utilising drain cleaners as these might worsen things.

Check the Hot Water Supply for Leaks

A defective hot water system is just as annoying in the restrooms or cafeterias of commercial establishments as a broken sump pump, which is alarming. Leaks should be the first thing you check for when water heating systems stop dispensing hot water. Water puddles forming underneath the system indicate a leak. If it isn’t leaking, the hot water system could be acting up due to poor installation or electrical problems. In either case, the best course of action is to call a qualified plumber because hot water systems aren’t designed to be handled by amateurs.

Shut off the Water Supply in Case of Burst Pipes

A burst pipe or water flowing out of old, worn-out pipes is the worst plumbing problem for any commercial building owner. Burst pipes typically occur when pipes split due to water freezing within or when they are damaged by rust. To prevent damage to the furniture, electronics, and other items, you should first turn off the water supply and remove them. Request that all employees leave the area immediately if there are any nearby burst pipes.

Additionally, keep in mind that fixing burst pipes is not a DIY project that anybody can do. It’s ideal to let professionals handle your plumbing needs so that you receive high-quality services. If the crack is minor, the plumber will likely patch it, but in most situations, the pipes must be replaced.

Emergency plumbing problems, including clogged sewers or leaky faucets, can be frightening, especially in commercial properties.

You should immediately get in touch with a reputable plumbing company because plumbing systems are intricate. All your business plumbing emergencies can be handled by certified plumbers at G. Brand & Sons, who are qualified, experienced, and licenced. Contact us today and talk with one of our specialists.

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