How does a Rainwater Harvesting System work?

03 December 2014

Rainwater, which is not always abundant, is a gift from the heaven. It falls from the sky and finds its way into to the rivers, lakes and ultimately the sea. Eventually, it evaporates and returns to the sky from which it comes.

Why not store rain water for later personal use?

Catching rainwater and storing it is a great idea! Since rainwater always come and go, why not store it so you can use it anytime, it just makes sense. This is where a Rainwater Harvesting System comes in.

How does a Rainwater Harvesting System work?

The Rainwater Harvesting System’s concept is really simple. By the use of gravity, the rainwater is collected from your roof, flows in the gutter and through down pipes, and then gets filtered and stored in a water tank below the ground. There are many mechanisms that regulate and control water throughout this system. The average amount of water in that is stored in this way for average households is roughly 100,000 liters.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems can be installed almost anywhere, under car parks, gardens, landscaped areas and anywhere around your home where there is a an available area to dig.

Is it only for households?

Not at all, Rainwater Harvesting System can be installed also in schools, hospitals, offices, businesses and commercial establishments and even on buildings and establishments already built.

Is the water from this system potable?

As of now, water stored in this way is not meant for drinking, however water filters can be installed to rectify this. It is recommended that you only use the stored water for general water usage such as washing clothes and car, flushing the toilets, or watering your yard.

How much can you save of your water bill using a Rainwater Harvesting System?

It depends on your family’s water consumption. Normally, families can save between 30 to 50% off their water bills. For commercial use and larger establishments that use a lot of water, the savings can be more than 50%, especially if a larger rainwater catchment is installed.

Catching, saving and using water in this manner is a great idea! So, how does one go about installing a Rainwater Harvesting System in their home or business establishment?

Who do you call?

Rainwater Harvesting Systems should be installed by a company specialized in it. Just a regular plumbers or construction contractors isn’t recommended. One company that specializes in Rain Water Harvesting Systems Melbourne is G. Brand and Son. G. Brand and Son is an expert in the plumbing industry since 1924 and they are a longtime member of the Master Plumbers and Green Plumbers Associations, AS/NZS 4801:2001 OH&S Safcomm Compliance. No 478701S.

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