Home Comfort of Having Thermostatic Mixing Valves

06 November 2015

There is nothing like the pleasure of bathing with hot water or being able to soak in a steamy bubbly bath after a long days work. Not too many years ago, this constituted heating water manually and mixing it with cold water to the appealing temperature that suits the comfort level of the bather. Many homes today do not have to do that anymore, thanks to technological innovations – electrical water heaters were developed.

These have done away with the need to manually heat water on a stove or manually mix hot and cold water to achieve the desired temperature for bathing. These function with pretty much the same purpose in mind  heating water to a certain temperature just well within boiling, allowing the individual to manually mix it hot with cold water to the desired temperature that they deem is comfortable.

This innovative idea stuck and became a standard fixture of baths for many years, although it later became something of a hassle in the same light as the old-fashioned methods of heating baths. This is due in part to the ever-increasing hectic schedule that plagues most industrialised nations. Thankfully, newer innovation in the form of thermostatic mixing valves has revolutionised the way we experience even the most simplest of lifes little pleasures  taking a bath.

This fully automated, electrically powered system takes the old concept of heating water and allows an individual to manually mix it with cold water to their desired temperature, and it does it for them, automatically!

Home Comforts from Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Mixing piping hot bath water with cold water, and then testing to see if its comfortable enough to the touch; or warm enough to submerge your self is no longer a chore. With thermostatic mixing valves, you get bath water that is the right temperature to suit your needs or tastes each time  every time!

The modern bath and its surroundings usually veer towards the minimalistic due to the hectic pace that most people are accustomed to; efficiency is paramount to working folks, especially in the morning when preparing to head-out for the day. Integrating such a heating system in your home; one that heats water into just the right temperature that fits each bather, helps to hasten the process of bathing.

The advantages of a thermostatic mixing valve are not only that it provides fast and consistent water temperature, but it makes bathing hassle-free and saves precious minutes in the morning. And, that is important to students and working folks.

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