Helpful Tips on How to Adjust the Water Level of Your Toilet Bowl

29 March 2021

There are various reasons why your toilet bowl is always filled with a certain amount of water. For one, it prevents gases and airborne bacteria in the drain and sewer lines from being released to the toilet. The water likewise helps in diluting the smell of all waste matter that is being sent into the toilet. It also provides a lubricant to the pipes, preventing all solid and liquid body wastes from clogging them.

One important thing to know about your toilet bowl is that it must have a certain water level to effectively allow the water to perform its intended purposes. A toilet bowl that has too high water level may mean that the toilet float is either partially clogged or not properly adjusted. A toilet bowl that has too low water level, alternatively, may have a clogged toilet vent or faulty toilet bowl components.

To effectively keep the water of your toilet bowl at an optimum level, here are some tips that you can do.

Unclog the Pipelines

If the water level of your toilet is too high, then there is a huge possibility that your pipelines have been blocked with debris and other waste materials. At a normal level, the water of your toilet can easily flow out and flush everything. Alternatively, the water will remain too high in your toilet because of clogged pipelines. It may even overflow, which must be avoided at all times. Unclogging the pipes can be done by using a plunger. Pouring boiling water into the toilet can also be effective in unclogging the pipes.

Unblock the Vent

One other component that must be checked when there are toilet water issues is the vent. It is a pipe that is connected from the drainpipe to the roof of your property. It works by venting out sewer gases and allowing air to circulate inside the sewer line. If this specific pipe is blocked by birds’ nests, dead creatures, leaves, and other wastes, then it cannot allow air and water to flow properly. To resolve this problem, you may try to climb to the top of your roof and remove all materials that are blocking it. You can consider buying some types of cover for your vents to avoid encountering this issue again.

Adjust Toilet Float

Another tip to adjust the water level of your toilet is to adjust the toilet float. The water level of your toilet tank is directly proportional to your toilet bowl. Therefore, a high or low water level inside the tank means that your toilet bowl will also have a high or low water level. One way to control the toilet’s water level is to adjust the toilet float. This can be done by turning off the water supply to the toilet, closing the external water valve, flushing the toilet, and then adjusting the toilet tank mechanism that handles its water level. Turn everything on once they have been adjusted to see if the water level is now normal.

Other tips that you can do to resolve toilet water level issues include repairing your cracked toilet and replacing your refill tube and fill valve. To know more about these tips, just contact us at G. Brand & Sons.

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