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12 April 2023

G. Brand & Sons Local Melbourne Plumbing Services shares the importance of flush valves and flushometers as essential plumbing fixtures for flushing toilets.

Metal water-diverting valves, called flush valves, and flushometers cause urinals and toilets to flush by applying pressure from the water supply system rather than gravity. By opening a diaphragm, the devices also permit the flow of fresh water into the toilet or urinal during the flush.

Around the turn of the 20th century, William Elvis Sloan created the Royal Flushometer. The device was released to the public in 1906 as the Sloan Valve Company’s debut offering. The business, run by Sloan’s heirs, continues to market and sell flush valves like the Royal Flushometer. Various rival companies have introduced versions of the item to the market. Raised water tanks that relied on gravity to power the flush was no longer necessary, thanks to the Flushometer. The solution also provided additional advantages for water efficiency. Millions of institutional, commercial, and industrial toilets and urinals worldwide use flush valves and flushometers today. Flushometers are uncommon for residential applications since they require a bigger water supply line, which is uncommon in homes. The standard in homes continues to be tank-style toilets propelled by gravity.

Types of Flush Valve and Flushometer

All flushometers operate according to the same fundamental physics principles and design elements. However, different varieties can be distinguished by their features. Flushometer and flush valve varieties include manual, push-button, and touchless flushometers.

Primary Feature of Flush Valves and Flushometers

The flushing mechanism of flush valves and flushometers, which includes traditional lever types, push-button types, and touchless technologies, is their key feature. The fixtures are set up so that the Flushometer is exposed or concealed, typically in the wall behind the toilet or urinal. Flushometers are built with stronger, more corrosion-resistant components that can withstand the roughest water conditions. Users can balance water efficiency against the requirement for a standard or more effective flush using the devices’ variety of flush size settings.

Applications of Flush Valves and Flushometers

Flush valves and flushometers are mostly used in institutional, industrial, and commercial settings. These types of buildings feature water supply pipes sufficient to meet the needs of the devices. These systems can also use a wide variety of additional specific applications. For instance, flushometers can work in challenging water environments for naval and marine applications. The device must be virtually indestructible and must be exposed in prisons. Another factor that determines an application is gender. In public men’s restrooms, urinals just for men are typical.

Materials Integrated with Flush Valves and Flushometers

Devices for controlling water flow are made to withstand pressure and shield against harmful impacts of water conditions. It’s crucial to resist rust, corrosion, and water-based pollutants. This requirement is made easier by certain corrosion-resistant metals, coatings on metal, and polymers. Materials incorporated with flush valves and flushometers include brass, chrome, stainless steel, bronze, aluminium and hard plastics. The Flushometer devices are either plated for aesthetic reasons or covered for protection in applications where they are exposed. Alloy-made castings are used to hide the exposed Flushometer.

If you need any help regarding Flush Valves and Flushometers on your property, know that G. Brand & Sons Plumbing specialise in the service and replacement of flushometers (otherwise known as “Flushers”, Flusher Valves” or “Flush valves”) for both commercial and residential properties throughout Melbourne.

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