Flushometers and The Main Reasons that Make Them Ideal for Commercial Use

29 July 2022

Selecting the best toilet fixtures for your commercial property has real implications and huge benefits for your business operations. With the availability of various types of toilet fixtures in the market, flushometers have become very popular for commercial use. Over time, commercial building owners have become more aware of the advantages of replacing their old toilets with flushometers. In this article, we have put together the main reasons which make the flushometer ideal for commercial use.

Prevents Great Water Wastage

Water conservation is a major concern these days as more and more people are beginning to feel water scarcity all over the world. Big companies consume the most amount of water every day. Thus, conservation measures like replacing your old toilets with flushometers can have a huge environmental impact and monumental savings for your company. Wasting water translates to wasting money. Thus, big companies should also at the financial angle of unnecessary water wastage. Investing in a flushometer for your commercial space helps you save 870,000 gallons of water and a hefty amount of water costs every year.


One of the main reasons why flushometers are ideal for commercial use is they are very cost-effective. You can save on a tremendous amount of water usage than the old type of toilets which uses as much as 7 gallons per flush. With a flushometer, you can ensure that only the necessary amount of water is drained and that there is sufficient water for your toilet to function efficiently. What makes flushometer a good replacement for your old toilets in your commercial property is they use far less amount of water eliminating water wastage. Investing in a flushometer in your commercial space is very cost-efficient. The cost may be a bit higher at the onset given the number of toilets that you have to replace but you must consider that paying for a much higher upfront price can be compensated by the guaranteed savings on water costs every year.

Does Not Rely on A Reservoir

Another main reason why a flushometer is ideal for commercial use is that they do not rely on water tanks and reservoirs. It is a plumbing toilet device that helps flush the toilet bowl without relying on a water tank and gravity. Flushometer can just be operated and activated through a motion sensor, a lever, or a button. With this, the flushometer can immediately function by sending a stream of water to flush out the contents of the toilet bowl, making it a popular choice for commercial use.


One of the main reasons why flushometers are ideal for commercial use is because they are durable and built to last. Adding flushometers for the toilets in your commercial building is highly recommended if you are looking for a sturdy and durable option. Flushometers are made from durable materials that can withstand the harshest water conditions. Flushometers are guaranteed to last a lifetime with proper maintenance and care which makes them an ideal choice for your commercial property.

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