Flushometer Problems in Public Toilets and Commercial Areas: Why Should This Be Addressed Immediately?

12 June 2020

The presence of public toilets in key commercial areas is very important in terms of health aspects. It allows people to just do whatever they need and want to do in a specific place and not worry about not getting any access to toilet facilities. Through a clean public toilet, the percentage of people who are getting sick and diseases because of the lack of basic hygienic needs is reduced significantly.

Emphasising the need for a clean and functional public toilet is critical, especially for commercial areas that have a lot of people.

Flushometer and its Functions

One key component of toilets is the flushometer. It is a tankless plumbing device that is responsible for releasing water into the toilet before it closes back up. The amount of water that is released by flushometer per flush is way smaller compared to the water being released by a simple tank system, as it utilises a low volume of water with a combination of high pressure. Any refilling time between the flushes is not required with a flushometer.

Flushometers are often found on public toilets in commercial establishments and offices since they can conserve a lot of space and water. And while they are truly functional and useful, the continuous flushing action of this plumbing device can still lead to some problems.

Problems with Flushometer

Almost all problems that are present on flushometers revolve around their internal components. Some problems that are present on flushometers include the lack of water to siphon fixture, the immediate closing of the device, varying duration of flush action, weird noise, and leaks at handle assembly.

The lack of water to siphon fixture points to inadequate controlled stop and lack of volume or pressure at the supply. The installation of low consumption flushometer on a non-low consumption fixture can also cause this specific problem. Flushometer that closes off immediately may have been caused by a damaged diaphragm or enlarged by-pass orifice. Alternatively, the varying duration of flush action is typically caused by an enlarged or closed by-pass orifice, a dropped line pressure, or loose diaphragm and guide assembly.

Any signs of wear, freezing, or abuse on the segment diaphragm of flushometers can lead to a chattering noise. Leaking handle assembly, on the other hand, is caused by the deterioration or damages found on handle seal.

Fixing Flushometer Problems

Addressing all the aforementioned problems of a flushometer is extremely crucial, most especially if it is located in a public space. For you, the immediate repairs for your flushometer can help you save a lot of money as it can quickly conserve water and at the same time prevent any huge expenses for big-time parts replacements. As for the people who will be using the public toilets, they are guaranteed to have great restroom experience since the flushometer can effectively flush and remove all the waste without any delay. Any instances of leaking water, water splashes, and sudden flush malfunctions are also eradicated when you immediately fix and solve flushometer problems.

Any problems that revolve around your flushometers in public toilets must be solved immediately. If you need help in conducting repairs and maintenance of flushometers, then call us now at G. Brand & Sons.

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