Flushometer Flushing Technology: Why Water Pressure Matters?

02 April 2019

Have you ever wondered why commercial toilets are so powerful when you flush them, compared to residential toilets? The reason is that commercial toilets are different from most residential toilets because they use flushometer flushing technology.

Flushometer flushing technology is nothing new, as you have no doubt experienced the powerful stream of water these produce when you flush them, unlike most residential toilets that have a much slower water flow when flushed. Basically, there are two main types of toilets on the market today that have different flushing designs – gravity toilets and flushometer toilets.

One of the main differences between these two types of toilets is the amount of water pressure that is used when flushing them. To help you understand why water pressure matters so much in toilet design, it will help know how each of these types of toilet functions.

Why Flushometer Flushing and Gravity Toilets Have Different Water Pressure

Gravity toilets, also known as gravity-fed toilets or gravity assisted toilets, have been around for decades and are in the bathrooms of nearly every home. These are reliable toilets with a simple design that mainly consists of a water tank that uses gravity to move water.

Most gravity toilet problems are easy to repair without the need of hiring a professional plumber. However, gravity assisted toilets do use a lot of water to flush with, and water pressure is much lower than commercial toilets that use pressure assisted flushomteres.

A pressure assisted toilet does not have a water tank like gravity-fed toilets. Instead, it has a plumbing device called a flushometer that utilises the high pressure water of plumbing systems to flush the toilet. This is why commercial toilets that use flushometer flushing technology have more water pressure than residential gravity toilets.

Flushometer flushing technology is commonly deployed in public restrooms and in commercial businesses, for many reasons. One reason why this is the preferred type of toilet to use in commercial and public restrooms is that flushometers use much less water than gravity toilets. Also, waiting time between flushes is just a few seconds because there is no water tank that needs to be filled up to flush again.

For these reasons, flushometer flushing technology is ideal for use in high traffic restroom locations, such as restaurants, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, aged care facilities, gyms, schools, and educational facilities, just to name a few.

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