Flusher Valves versus Flusher Tanks: Which is Better for Commercial Facilities?

08 June 2018

There is definitely a need for world-wide water conservation, and commercial facilities can benefit by reducing the amount of water they use each year too. One of the main ways to accomplish this – using less water – is by taking advantage of innovative flusher valves (flushometers), installing them in toilets and urinals wherever possible.

Most commercial facilities in Australia still use traditional flusher tanks in their restrooms. These have the typical toilet tank or cistern that is filled with water, in which water is gravity feed to flush toilets. While water usage has dropped considerably over the past 25 years, with modern flusher tanks lowering water usage by as much as 50%, toilet flushing still represents a significant fraction of Australia’s total water usage.

Even though today’s flusher tank toilets use less water than older models, the average volume of water used for flushing toilets still do use a considerable amount of water, typically 4.5 litres per flush. Commercial facilities have a lot to gain by switching to high-efficient toilets using new flusher valves and urinal flushometers.

Comparing Flusher Valves Versus Flusher Tanks

A flushometer/flusher valve does not use gravity fed water from a tank to flush toilets and urinals, instead, water is diverted directly from the water supply system. Water pressure and water volume is regulated with an easy to use inline handle.

Unlike flusher tanks, where the whole content of the water tank (approximately 4.5 litres) is used to flush toilets, flushometer valves allow people to use only as much water as needed to complete the flush of toilets and urinals. After the lever is pressed, flusher valves will slowly shut off the water flow as they return to the off position.

If needed, the same amount of water can be used as a flusher tank to flush toilets, but they use considerably less water, as people are able to control the amount of water needed to complete a flush.

Commercial facilities can significantly reduce the amount of water they use monthly and yearly by installing flushometers in their restrooms, which not only equates to money saved, but it also helps to support water conservation in Australia.

Flusher Valves are Best for Commercial Facilities

After comparing flusher valves against flusher tanks, it becomes obvious that it is just a matter of time before flushometers will replace traditional tank toilets in commercial facilities and buildings. For more detailed information about the functioning and pricing of flush valves, you can contact us here at G.Brand and Sons Plumbers.

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