Environmental and Energy Saving Impact of Rainwater Harvesting

10 October 2016

Sadly, it’s true, nearly half of the world’s population lacks the most basic natural resource for survival – fresh water. Even in Australia, there are many people who are without readily available water from municipal sources, such as piped in water, or a well, or that have access to a flowing stream. This is why rainwater harvesting is a necessity in such areas where access to water is scarce, or unreliable.

Although rainwater harvesting is an effective means to gather and store water, when buildings are located away from urban areas where piped in water is not available, these systems are very effective in towns too, as a means to save money off water utility bills.

While there are organisations that spend a lot of money on promoting water conservation, by limiting water use, rainwater harvesting should be promoted more because it directly supports the goal of conserving water, and it offers other benefits as well.

Environmental and Energy Saving Benefits from Rainwater Harvesting

Most people who are concerned about the environment do a fair job at conserving water whenever possible, especially property owners who are always seeking ways to save energy and lower their monthly water bills. Rainwater harvesting is the perfect way to accomplish this – helping to preserve the environment and saves energy that would otherwise be used to pump water into a property.

Catching rainwater is easier than people think, as the roof of their building is what is being used to catch rainwater, and then funnel it into large water tanks for later use. The simplicity of the system is what makes rainwater harvesting so attractive as a means to save energy, and helps people to use less water from limited sources, such as well, rivers and lakes.

Stored rainwater is ideal for many uses, such as washing vehicles, watering plants and lawns, flushing toilets, washing floors, and showering. However, it is recommended to install a water filtration system in your home if you plan to use stored rainwater for drinking or cooking. A rainwater harvesting system works perfectly for large buildings such as schools, hospitals, farms, government buildings, apartments, retirement homes, and all types of commercial buildings.

For property owners who are concerned about the environment, and who want to lower their energy bill, then a rainwater harvesting system is definitely an appealing option.

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