Eco-Services: The Importance of Rain Harvesting and Gray/Recycled Water Systems by G. Brand and Sons

16 November 2015

It’s no secret, Australia is the driest continent on the planet; making rainwater harvesting an important aspect in life of many folks. In areas where water is scarce or in limited use, a rain harvesting and gray/recycled water system is a popular necessity. These are water systems that benefit families in many ways � the collecting, storage and use of rainwater, and the recycling and re-use of gray water from sinks, toilets and showers for purposes outside the home.

Rain Harvesting and Gray/Recycled Water System Explained

What is rainwater harvesting? It is the collection of rainwater, also known as rain harvesting or roofwater harvesting, and it is basically just that � collecting rain water using your roof as a catchment. The water is then collected into water storage tanks for later use. Catching rain water and storing it for later use is not restricted to residential home, no, many commercial businesses and especially large industrial factories have rain harvesting systems.

How can rainwater be used in the home? Actually, once harvested and stored in water storage tanks, harvested rainwater can be used for flushing toilets, gardening, washing laundry, cooking, bathing and you can even drink it. A rain harvesting system for residential use is a smart investment, especially if you live in the suburbs, because you can even re-use the rain water or piped in water that you use in your home, such as water from your sinks, laundry and bathing water. This water is called grey water.

What is gray water? Gray water is basically recycled water. It is not meant for human consumption; instead, it is used for chores like washing the car, watering gardens or the yard. How grey water can be used depends upon its source. For example, recycled water from your kitchen sink, your bathtub and showers can be used to wash the car, but recycled water from showers and laundry would not be ideally used to water the grass or gardens if it contains too much soap or detergent.

There are even some grey/recycled water systems that can filter your waste-water, so it can be used on your yard and garden. Water is a limited and precious resource; harvesting, storing, conserving and recycling water is important. If you are interested to learn more about the importance of rain harvesting and gray/recycled water system, then ask the best in the business – G. Brand and Sons Plumbers.

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