Different Plumbing Noises: Should they be a Cause of Distress?

17 April 2019

In can be worrisome when you hear more than just the sound of running water coming from your tap. Residential plumbing can make strange sounds that can be concerning to hear, making people worry if it is a cause for alarm? It’s true, different plumbing noises can be the cause of distress, as plumbing problems often equate to unexpected expenses and potential water damage from leaking pipes, drains, and faucets.

Nearly everyone has heard strange noises coming from water pipes at some time or another. Noises such as creaking, clanking, banging, and high-pitched screeching could mean that your water pipes may have a plumbing issue. Although, not all noises that come from water pipes should cause you distress, as most plumbing issues can be fixed before they become serious problems.

Preventive plumbing maintenance is the best way to avoid unexpected costly repairs. When you begin to hear different plumbing noises, it is advised to schedule a maintenance check with a dependable plumber as soon as possible. Below are some of the most common causes of plumbing noises:

Rattling sounds – if you hear rattling sounds every time you turn on your shower, or when you are washing dishes in your sink, it may sound like you are living in a haunted house. Not to worry, rattling noises and vibrations occur when water pipes have not been secured to a solid surface. The force of running water through the pipes when you turn on the water cause lose pipes to vibrate or bang against nearby surfaces, this creates either a rattling or thumping noise, which can be quite loud.

The remedy for this situation is to have a plumber inspect underneath your home, identify the loose pipes, and then properly secure them.

Screeching or whining noises – loud, high-pitched screeching or whining noises when using the water in your home can definitely be a cause of distress. Loud noises like these definitely means there is something wrong with your plumbing.

A loose faucet or valve, and high water pressure can cause screeching and whining noises as water is pushed through a small opening. A plumber can often times remedy the situation by simply lowering the water pressure in the home, or replacing faulty washers.

It is recommended that you contact a plumber to inspect your home’s plumbing if you hear these or other types of noises while running water, as they can give you a professional diagnosis and prevent any potential damages from occurring.

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