Common Mistakes When Choosing Plumbers for Emergency Repairs

14 July 2017

There are a lot of responsibilities property owners have in taking care of their buildings, maintaining the plumbing is one of them. Preventive plumbing maintenance is the best way to limit the risk of emergencies and costly repairs because it can catch potential problems before they occur.

Hiring a licensed professional plumber is advised because they have they training and experience necessary to keep all areas of a property’s plumbing in working order, such as all internal pipes and drains, as well as exterior plumbing such as sprinkling systems and storm drains.

Choosing the best plumber to meet your needs shouldn’t be taken lightly, as not all plumbers have the same experiences, equipment and training, or specialise in all areas of residential and commercial plumbing. In this regards, many property owners have made some common mistakes choosing a plumber when emergency repairs were needed, and then later regretted the decision.

Avoid Common Mistakes When Choosing A Plumber for Emergency Repairs

Maintaining a building’s plumbing system should be done by professionals, and if emergency repairs are needed for water pipes, fittings, valves, or drains, then finding a qualified licensed plumbers is essential because plumbing experts can handle any problem on the spot. This is definitely not the case with unlicensed plumbing handy-men, who may find themselves well over their heads, potentially making their efforts additional repair expenses when a professional plumbing company has to be eventually called in to solve the problem.

Here are some tips for avoiding common mistakes of hiring the wrong plumber for emergency plumbing repairs:

Costs to hire a plumber – hiring a plumber based solely on the price, in the end, can cost more than hiring a proven, reliable plumber. The reason can be explained easily when considering ‘you get what you pay for’ – typically, second-rate solutions, and low quality workmanship.

Not all plumber companies are the same – it’s true, not all plumbing companies specialise in commercial and residential plumbing systems, or, do they employee the best plumbers. With that said, typically, the best plumbing companies tend to offer their professional services for a bit above the average going price, for good reason – high-quality service and workmanship.

Choosing a plumber without insurance coverage – the reason that handy-men and unlicensed plumbers are so affordable is that they do not have insurance coverage for the work they perform. This is a very important aspect not to overlook when choosing a plumber for emergency repairs, as any mistakes can literally ruin a house or building. So, it is paramount that you make sure that the plumber you do call in an emergency provides insurance coverage for their services.

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