Commercial Plumbing Maintenance: Why Only Licenced Plumbers Should Do the Job?

27 January 2017

Confidence in a reliable commercial plumbing maintenance and repair service is paramount to business properties. That is why owners and managers of commercial buildings should only hire licensed plumbers to do the job of maintaining, repairing and altering plumbing when needed, even for small commercial buildings.

The reasons to hire a licensed plumber over a non-licensed plumber are many, and the benefits from a certified commercial plumbing maintenance company far outweigh the risks involved in hiring an unlicensed plumber, just to save a little money. If you own or manage a commercial building, and you need to hire a plumber, then you will find the comparisons below extremely helpful.

Only Licensed Plumbers Should Conduct Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Commercial plumbing maintenance includes all aspects of plumbing systems, including the upgrading of system parts and repairs when needed, even in an emergency. Experienced licensed plumbers are prepared to respond to emergencies, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Unlicensed plumbers typically cater to only residential homes, and will service clients only at their convenience, when possible.

Unlike most uni-formal residential plumbing systems, commercial buildings and properties each have specific needs, which requires different types of tools, equipment and training to diagnosis problems, conduct maintenance and repair work on much larger commercial and industrial plumbing systems.

Licensed vs. Unlicensed Plumbers

The difference between licensed and unlicensed plumbers is basically that one has certifiable education and training, and the other does not. Also, the quality of services provided is much higher, as certified plumbers must comply with standards set down by the regulatory board that issued their license. This assures commercial businesses that the plumber they hire is qualified to maintain their plumbing systems and will provide quality work, as expected.

Although, there are experienced and capable unlicensed plumbers, their education and training may be limited and unproven, also, unlicensed plumbers are restricted by the amount of work they can legally conduct, without requiring certification.

While each uncertified plumbers’ experience and expertise are unknown, and unproven, commercial businesses can rest assured that the licensed plumbers they hire are qualified to handle various plumbing jobs, such as shown below:

  • Upgrades to existing commercial plumbing systems
  • Burst water pipe repairs
  • Hot water system installation
  • Commercial plumbing renovations and alterations
  • General plumbing repair work
  • Drain unblocking
  • Backflow prevention
  • Leak detection service
  • Drain laying services
  • Gutter and downpipe repairs

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