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11 April 2017

Plumbing in general is essential for all types of properties, especially commercial properties that require a steady source of water to keep their businesses operating. Although plumbing has changed a bit over the years, there is one thing that hasn’t changed in the plumbing industry – it is a personalised business, especially when emergency plumbing services are needed. Any successful plumbing business knows this to be true, that is why G.Brand and Sons has enjoyed working with commercial clients for over 90 years.

G.Brand and Sons Personalised Commercial Plumbing Services

Here at G.Brand and Sons, we make the plumbing needs of our customers’ our business. And, we credit our continued success over the many decades of providing exceptional plumbing services to the communities in Melbourne, to personally knowing our customers’ by name, and understanding and meeting their specific plumbing needs. In fact, over our long history as a family owned and operated business, we have developed many, many meaningful business relationships with our clients because of the personalised service we provide.

The truth is that not all commercial plumbing companies deliver the same level of service, and businesses looking for a reliable commercial plumber, to maintain and service their properties, should have a set criteria when choosing a plumber.

Reliable Commercial Plumbing Maintenance and Services

Unlike residential plumbing maintenance and services that often require replacing kitchen and bathroom faucets, and unclogging drains, commercial plumbers are trained and equipped to handle the installation and maintenance of extensive, high-pressure water systems of various large commercial facilities, such as shopping malls, hospitals, and large housing complexes, for example. Which also includes maintaining and servicing broken water and sewer lines, drinking fountains, sprinkler systems, as well as installing all types of commercial plumbing fixtures, just to name a few.

Basically, the scope of commercial plumbing maintenance and services include making sure that a property’s water supply and waste drainage lines are operating correctly, and to ensure that the water supply is kept safe from contamination. When an emergency happens, such as a burst pipe or a broken sewer line, a commercial plumbing company should be available at a moment’s notice, and we are, here at G.Brand and Sons Plumbers with a 24-hour emergency service.

All of our plumbers are licensed and highly qualified to handle any commercial plumbing problem because our vehicles are fully equipped and ready to respond when you call. If you need a commercial plumber, to maintain and service your property, then we invite you to contact us today.

The Best Brand in Plumbing – G. Brand & Sons

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