Commercial Metal Roofing and Its Advantages: Why Choose Us?

14 January 2016

Metal roofing may be considered something altogether new and different to someone unfamiliar with roofing materials. With the growing revival of old-fashioned shingle roofing and the ever-increasing number of individuals who have ditched conventional aluminium, galvanised iron, and sheet-metal roofing, it’s a wonder how metal roofs are any different from the now out-of-fashion trend of metal-based roofs.

Basically, there is a grave difference between metal roofing and sheet-metal roofs. First, and most obvious, sheet-metal is basically of a thinner nature than standard commercial metal roofing. Secondly, sheet metal is flimsiest when compared with standard metal roofing. Lastly, metal roofing mostly comes in tile-form, and has a propensity to be enameled, to add an extra layer of protection against rust and weathering, whereas sheet metal roofs are either made from non-corrosive materials like aluminium, or otherwise galvanised to prevent rusting. Sheet roofing also comes exclusive in large sheets which are then cut-to-size.

Metal roofing is basically just a tougher, ‘classier’ version of sheet metal roofing, but it isn’t anything new. In fact, metal roofs have been around since the Victorian era, when roofing tiles made from lead, copper, or pewter became somewhat popular and close to commonplace.

Nowadays, there are typically two kinds of metal roofing – artisanal metal roofs and commercial metal roofing.

Artisanal roofing, as the name suggests, is an expensive niche of metal roofing which specialises in the aesthetic field of roofing, employing pricey materials and manual craftsmanship in the creation of their metal roofs.

Commercial metal roofing on the other hand produces more affordable, mass-produced metal roofs that, while they are not as aesthetically superior as artisanal metal roofs, are nevertheless close to it in terms of durability and quality.

If you’re looking to invest in metal roofing, but find that artisanal metal roofs are too pricey for your budget, consider investing in commercial metal roofs instead.

Here at G. Brand and Sons, we provide affordable options for metal roofing, inclusive of a broad range of options for various commercial metal roof brands, as well as budget-friendly installation, repair and maintenance services. If you want your home to flaunt metal roofs, whether for its beauty or its practically, but don’t want to burn a hole through your wallet, consider opting for G. Brand and Son’s affordable metal roofing sales, repair, and maintenance options today.

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