Commercial Audit and Inspection of Plumbing Systems

24 October 2018

The importance of a commercial audit and inspection of plumbing systems can’t be over stated. That is because as years pass and plumbing changes, commercial buildings can be at risk of developing leaks and blowouts. When was the last time your commercial building or business had a commercial audit or an inspection of your plumbing systems conducted?

If you are unsure or do not know when the last time you had your plumbing inspected and serviced, then it is definitely time to schedule a commercial audit and inspection, to keep your plumbing system functioning reliably.

Benefits of Commercial Audit and Plumbing Systems Inspection Services

If you want to ensure that your plumbing system remains functional and reliable, then a commercial audit and plumbing systems inspection is exactly what is needed. A commercial audit of your plumbing system will guarantee that your entire plumbing is checked and thoroughly inspected. A professional report of the condition of your plumbing systems will be recorded and submitted after a thorough inspection is completed.

The report generated from a commercial audit and inspection of your plumbing systems will include a checklist that should describe the condition of all of your plumbing systems’ critical components, pipes, drains, valves, and water heater. With this checklist, effective proactive plumbing preventive maintenance can be conducted to make sure that your building’s plumbing is always functional and reliable.

Using a Commercial Audit Checklist for Preventive Plumbing Maintenance

The purpose of a commercial audit and inspection of your plumbing systems is to evaluate the condition of all critical components and to discover if any repairs are needed, including valves, pipes, and drains.

A proactive maintenance plumbing checklist includes:

Signs of corrosion – a plumbing inspection will reveal any signs of corrosion on pipes and around water faucets and shower heads. Sign of corrosion indicates that your pipes are near the end of their usefulness and need to be replaced.

Leaks – evidence of active leaks, which include moisture or water spots on flooring, often means that mould and mildew are present. Repairing and replacing pipes, and removing mould and mildew as soon as they are discovered, will prevent further repair costs.

Drains – drains are tested for flow rate, which can reveal slow or clogged drains that need to be cleared so that they properly function again.

Other items on the checklist will include water pressure, the functioning of valves, backflow testing, and an inspection of your water heater. Regular servicing of your plumbing systems will make sure that the plumbing in your building is functional, reliable, and will spare you from any unexpected repair costs.

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