Check and Fix your Home Plumbing System Before Selling Your Home

06 November 2020

Selling home properties that still have faulty or deteriorated parts can decrease their overall value. In some cases, potential homebuyers would even not consider buying properties that are full of problems. After all, they do not want to spend on the needed repairs of old or faulty parts and components.

If you are thinking of selling your home, then you must check and fix some important parts of it. One of these parts would be your home plumbing system. This system, which covers pipes and fixtures that are intended for water distribution and waste removal, can easily increase or decrease the resale value of your home. With a faulty plumbing system, it would be truly difficult for you to sell your home. Alternatively, if this system is in prime condition, then you can easily sell your home at a great value.

Before selling your home, here are some parts of your plumbing system that you should check and fix.

Leaky Faucets and Toilets

Homebuyers want every plumbing fixture of their potential homes to be in pristine condition, which is why your faucets and toilets should not possess some leaking issues. You and your family may have got used to the sight or sound of your constantly leaking plumbing fixtures. However, your potential homebuyers would easily notice this issue. They may even suspect that your plumbing system has more serious problems internally, possibly preventing them from assessing and buying the property anymore.

Hidden and Sneaky Leaks

Leaks that will just get noticed once homebuyers inspect and assess the property often lead to a lower sell value of your home or buyers dropping out of the sale. Whether they are serious or not, these leaks must be resolved right away to prevent causing much larger problems. Small leaks can already do some damages to the walls, structural support, and floors as they promote the growth of mould and mildew. And as these leaks continue, the core functions of your plumbing system will significantly be affected.

Clogged and Blocked Drains

Another part of your plumbing system that must be checked and fixed before selling your home is your drains. Slow drains on bathtubs and sinks can be easily seen and noticed by homebuyers, which can be bad for the value of your home. Normally, drains that take too slow to take in water are caused by blocked pipes. Calling for professional help just to drain these pipelines can easily help you sell your home without leaving drainage problems. Doing this is also cheaper rather than losing a potential home buyer.

Exterior Plumbing Problems

For your plumbing system to be effective, all of its external components must be fixed and repaired. If these components are faulty, then your home property may possess an unstable water supply as well as ineffective wastewater removal. Pipes that have been blocked by tree roots can also cause problems to your home property. Additionally, the lack of a functional water metre can be a problem for future homeowners as they might already spending too much water without them knowing.

Addressing these plumbing issues can easily help you attract a lot of homebuyers and eventually sell your home property at a reasonable price.

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