Basic Backflow Testing Procedures You Should Know

07 February 2020

Backflow is a plumbing problem wherein there is a reversal of the water’s flow in the plumbing system. Instead of water flowing forwards, pressure changes and other issues can trigger water flows in the opposite direction of where it should be moving. This can force contaminated, non-potable water into the source of drinking water, leaving it unsafe for use.

Numerous problems can lead to backflow including issues like water leaks, improper installation of pipes or fixtures, and even external factors like fire fighters using massive amounts of water on the main line. However, no matter what the causes are, preventing backflow is important. The first step is making sure that there isn’t a backflow problem and that your system is prepared to prevent it. In order to be sure, you’ll need to have a trained professional complete backflow testing procedures on your water system.

Below are basic backflow testing procedures you should know.

Identify Presence of Backflow

Today’s backflow testing procedures are very similar to those used over the decades. You can identify potential signs of backflow if you see dirty or discoloured water, murky water, strange smelling or tasting water and sediment in water. If these signs are present, it’s important to let one of our professionals run a test on your system. It will be the first step towards identifying potential problems and towards solving them so you can have clean, safe water again.

Determine the Cause and Ways to Fix it

When testing the actual devices that prevent backflow from occurring, the test procedures involve using the gate valves and relief valves on the backflow testing device. Essentially, the tester will be closing valves and checking for points where there is a differential gauge movement, water leakage, and other clear signs.

By using a combination of pressure testing, visual inspection, and other steps, your backflow testing professional can identify problems and determine the best path to a solution for your needs if an issue exists.

Annual testing of backflow prevention systems are an absolute must, and will not only keep you compliant with any laws but will also give you the peace of mind needed to rest easy knowing that your water is safe and healthy for your family.

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