Backflow Testing Procedures: How is this done?

16 October 2017

When you own or rent a property you are suddenly beholden to making sure that it is well cared for. It can be obvious to treat things like a broken refrigerator or a cracked wall, but what about your water flow? Most people never care about how their water gets to them until it stops working. Backflow testing procedures are important to ensure that your water supply always gets to you in the way that it is supposed to. Today we are going to talk about backflow testing, what backflow testing devices are, and why you should have it done in your own building.

What is backflow testing?

In your plumbing system there is something called a backflow prevention device located within. These devices can be as complicated or as simple as your system requires. A backflow prevention device helps to limit water from coming ‘back’ to the source. Imagine the remnants of a toilet flush being forced back up into the toilet and then spread this concept to the entire water system in your home or business. These devices are tested yearly by a local professionals to ensure that they are working and up to the task.

Why is backflow testing important?

It is actually mandated by public safety professionals that you keep your system up to code and certified. The reason is, of course, for the sake of public health. Having backflow testing procedures done on your home or business will allow professionals to ascertain whether your system is functional enough to keep your water system clean. There are a variety of different ways that backflow problems could begin and we’ll quickly list these below:

  1. Main Line Breakage – There are any number of reasons that your main line could break, from weather to construction and everything in between.
  2. Pump Failures – No quicker way to lose pressure than by having your water pump fail. This is an immediately noticeable failure.
  3. Maintenance Requirements – When was the last time you had your water system checked over for maintenance? Exactly. The truth is your actual water system won’t get any work on it until you start noticing a failure. Pipes get old, sediment builds up, and pipes break.
  4. Water Leak – Finally, if there is any kind of leakage within the house or between the house and the city’s main lines then you could see your water pressure start to tank. Reduced water pressure, as we said above, leads to a backflow problem. Water flowing back to the source rather than the waste will cause hygiene problems which could lead to a person becoming ill.

If you are interested in ensuring the quality of your home water then reach out to a plumbing professional and have your backflow testing device looked at today.

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