Backflow Prevention and Testing: Why is this Essential for Commercial Kitchens?

08 April 2020

Backflow is the reversal of the flow of water or mixture of water and other substances such as a liquid, gas or solid into the pipes of the potable water supply. Two types of backflow conditions exist: backpressure and back siphon. Both have a similar meaning and cause backflow when the amount of pressure in the public water supply exceeds the pressure in your commercial kitchens pipes. Commercial kitchen owners expect that their water is safe to use when making food and serving customers. Potable water – that is water that you can drink – can become contaminated if it comes into contact with unsafe sources. Below are reasons why backflow prevention and testing is essential for commercial kitchens.

Backflow Prevention and Testing Protects Cross Connections

Another term to understand is cross-connection, which is described as any potential connection between a potable (drinking) water system and any other source or system of contamination. When a cross connection is not properly protected, backflow can occur and contaminants have the potential to enter the drinking water system or pipes of your commercial kitchen.

A backflow device protects the water supply from being contaminated. There will be occasions when there is a significant drop in pressure or the pressure is interrupted by a possible water main break, power outage, pipes freezing or nearby fire fighting and the water in the commercial kitchen pipes is sucked back into the public drinking water system (backflow). The backflow preventer will avert the potable water supply from being contaminated. Each device needs to be tested by a licensed plumber according to the local jurisdiction once a year. Each device needs to be tagged with the date of prior testing and accompany proper documentation in order to pass or fail inspection.

Backflow Prevention and Testing Prevents Water Contamination

The backflow devices are a very integral part of the commercial kitchen. It prevents the potable water supply from possible contamination in the event that a line breaks underground and forces contaminants or any other pollutants into the system. Typically, within a certain commercial kitchen they have between one to three backflow preventers including domestic, fire sprinkler and irrigation, which are the most common areas these devices are needed. This is why backflow testing your commercial systems are so important – they aim to keep the water we serve your customers safe.

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