Backflow Hazards in Manufacturing Plants: How Can These be Prevented?

15 May 2019

Just like residential plumbing, commercial and industrial properties need plumbing services too. Because different types of plumbing systems are used in residential, commercial, and industrial properties, commercial and industrial plumbing have become specialised fields.

Typically, plumbing in industrial facilities require plumbers to have specialised training to diagnose and repair plumbing problems. This is especially true in manufacturing plants and factories in Australia, as there are many types of businesses with specific plumbing needs. Some examples of manufacturing plants and the products they produce include pharmaceuticals, machinery parts, tools, shipbuilding, electronics, food manufacturers, textiles, printing, production of chemicals, steel production, and many more.

Although most manufacturing plants and factories have their own specific plumbing needs and varying water pressures, one aspect of concern that they all share is the potential for backflow to occur.

Preventing Backflow Hazards in Manufacturing Plants

Because manufacturing plants and factories have water systems that are typically connected to apparatuses, vessels, and to drainage, with water potentially containing varying degrees of impurities, if not properly controlled backflow could occur. Backflow can contaminate and pollute portable water systems and even the public’s water supply.

The best way to prevent hazardous backflow in manufacturing plants is to have licensed industrial plumbers install backflow preventers. The type, size, and number of backflow preventers needed to prevent backflow hazards form occurring in manufacturing plants and factories depend on a few things.

For example, it needs to be determined what types of impurities or hazardous contaminants and pollutants could potentially enter the manufacturing plant’s water system? Professional industrial plumbers can assist the management of manufacturing plants in how best to protect portable water systems, and prevent potential backflow or backsiphonage of any contaminants from entering the drainage system and polluting the environment and the public water system.

Industrial plumbers prevent hazardous backflow and pollutants in manufacturing plants from contaminating the environment and other water systems, by controlling key cross connections in the facility’s plumbing systems with the appropriate backflow preventers. For maximum protection against backflow hazards in manufacturing plants it is advised to hire professional industrial plumbers from G. Brand & Sons Plumbers.

Whether you are retrofitting your existing manufacturing plant or factory with new plumbing, or you need to maintain the plumbing systems of your existing manufacturing plant, licensed professionals at G. Brand & Sons Plumbers can assist you in designing, installing, or repairing any plumbing issue.

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