Avoid Excessive Water Consumption and Leaks with Flushometer Maintenance and Servicing

12 January 2017

Water conservation is a priority today, no matter where you live, and most people are always seeking ways to use less water. However, conserving water doesn’t just help to bring down one’s energy bill, more importantly, it also helps to ease the burden placed on local sources of water. Conserving water in a home is not as difficult as it sounds, even for large families, but the best place to start is in the bathroom.

By default, bathrooms and toilets use up to 80% of the water in an average home, with most of it not being used and ends up down the drain. Whether it is unintentional flushing, leaks in the plumbing, or the amount of time it takes to shower, limiting the flow of water is the key to avoiding excessive water consumption. The most effective way to limit water usage is to reduce the flow of water using a flushometer.

Flushometers use Less Water

Compared to traditional tank toilets, flushometer mechanisms do not need a tank or cistern in order flush. Unlike traditional tank toilets, these use water pressure from the plumbing to direct the flow of water downwards into the toilet. Compared to traditional toilet designs, flushometers use much less water and are now the preferred choice for nearly all public restrooms. Even many homes today are now using flushometers to reduce water consumption, also because you don’t have to wait for a toilet tank to fill before flushing again.

A flushometer can be installed in any home with only minor alterations to existing plumbing. Once installed, the mechanism saves up to 40% off water consumption, and eliminates leaks associated with toilets that use water tanks.

Importance of Maintenance and Servicing

Flushometers are hardy mechanisms and can handle much use, although, they can become worn and can leak after heavy use over a period of time, which is why public restrooms with flushometers are maintained and serviced regularly to avoid leaks. While there are many online guides on how to repair or replace plumbing parts on your own, it is wise to hire a plumber instead.

Do you need flushometer repair, service and maintenance? If you do, then get in touch with G Brand and Sons Plumbers, we perform routine maintenance on flusher tanks and flushometers all over Melbourne. With more than 90 years in the plumbing business, we can help you with any residential, commercial or industrial plumbing problems.

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