5 Topmost Plumbing Problems in Public Restrooms

12 May 2020

If you own a store or a restaurant, you know that having a public restroom can be a hassle, especially when some consumers or clients do not follow important restroom use etiquette. However, there are some instances where some things in our restrooms just wear out because of age, minimal maintenance works, and many more.

One of the most common reasons behind the public restroom problem is its plumbing. Even if you attempt to fix your public restroom plumbing, some of its issues are not entirely solvable by you alone. Hence, most property owners would just hire professionals so that any additional maintenance works can be done right away. For your reference, here are some plumbing problems that can bother public restrooms and would normally require professional help.

Bad Odour

Even with regular maintenance, public restrooms can sometimes smell bad, particularly if some people may have just dumped their waste on your toilet. However, an odour that should not occur in your restroom all the time is the smell of your sewage. Any foul odour from your sewage must not reach your restroom to maintain a great restroom environment. If you and your guests or visitors are starting to smell some foul odour, then you must hire professionals to fix your sewer line.

Broken Toilets

People flock to restrooms if they feel some disturbances on their bodies. But there will be times where they might end up leaving your restroom because of broken toilets. Some toilet handles might have been broken due to age or excessive use. In some instances, your toilet might not work at all even if you intend to flush the water to the pipeline. In this case, a few people might have flushed some things down the toilets that do not belong there, which can lead to clogging and flooding.

Blocked Drains

Just like your toilets, your restroom sink can also experience some blockage and clogging. There are even cases of flooding due to the blocked drains on your sink. When you check some of your sink’s drainage, you might be surprised by the number of paper towels, toilet paper, food pieces, and other things that are clogging it. If your sinks will continue to be clogged, then expect a lesser number of customers or guests on your property.

Wrong Water Temperature

If your public restroom uses a hot water system and tank, then you must maintain it regularly. The water that comes out of your taps must also be set to the right temperature to avoid scalding incidents. You see, there will be situations where hot water is needed by some of your guests or consumers. The slow appearance of hot water may have been caused by a faulty hot water system. If there is no hot water at all, then have your system checked right away.

Leaky Taps

Taps and faucets that still release water droplets even after they are tightly closed are a clear sign of leaks on your whole system. And with these leaky taps, you are looking at thousands of gallons of wasted water in a year, which can be a bad thing not only for your property but also for the environment. Puddles on the floor can also form because of these taps, which can be dangerous to people since they might slip on them.

All these plumbing problems can be prevented if you always subject your public restroom to regular maintenance. If you need help with your public restroom, just give us a call at G. Brand & Sons. We have been servicing Melbourne’s domestic, commercial, and industrial plumbing and maintenance needs for over 90 years.

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