5 Plumbing Projects that You Can Perform During Spring Season

22 October 2020

As the spring season begins, there are several projects that you can consider and do to maintain the value and efficiency of your property. One part of the property that you should improve and enhance is the plumbing system and its associated components.

Believe it or not, plumbing projects are very common during the spring season. Conducting such a project will not only help your property fixtures and other related plumbing elements to be optimised, but it can also provide the needed savings for your valuable resources such as time and money. So, if you intend to work on your plumbing, then here are 5 plumbing projects that you can perform during the spring season.

Inspection and Repairs

Conducting inspection and the corresponding repairs to your whole plumbing system can be a great project during the spring season. A lot of property owners tend to skip pipe inspections and overlook their conditions for a long time. Without conducting any inspection and repairs, it would surely cost a lot more expenses just to repair and replace them in the long run. Moreover, the lack of necessary fixes before the condition of the plumbing system gets worse can cause more serious troubles and issues.

Flushing Water Heater

Another plumbing project that you can conduct during the spring season is the flushing of the water heater. Water heaters are integral to plumbing as they provide the needed hot water for taking a bath, washing dishes, doing laundry, and others. And so, they must be flushed once a year to effectively eliminate any sediment build-up. However, if your water heater has been operating for more than its maximum service life and has been showing some issues, then you may want to replace it right away.

Cleaning of Sewer Drains

Tree roots during the spring season can grow into your plumbing system and its components. And with the accumulation of dirty elements and huge chunks of solid objects on your system, you might find your sewer drains to be fully clogged and congested. To effectively drive wastewater away from your property, you can perform cleaning of sewer drains so that it can help you remove all objects that are blocking their paths. Your sink, toilet, and tub drains can easily take in water and transport it to the intended area.

Garbage Disposal Tune-Up

Normal garbage disposal can last for more than 10 years. However, without proper maintenance and tune-up, its functions and qualities can deteriorate quickly, directly affecting its overall longevity. Therefore, it would be best for you to have it checked during this spring season, especially its accompanying blades and motor. If both these components have already worn down or burned out, then you must have them repaired or replaced so they can function optimally again.

New Fixtures Installation

Aside from repairs and maintenance works, a good plumbing project that you can do during the spring season is to install new fixtures around the property. Some fixtures such as faucets, showerheads, and toilets may have already been around for a long time. Replacing them with a new set of fixtures will not only help you gain visual improvements due to their more modern designs, but it can also help you attain features and functions that are much more energy-efficient and sustainable in the long run.

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