4 Pipe Burst Problems that Expert Plumbers Can Fix

12 October 2022

Pipe burst problems are frequent and can happen anytime without warning, flooding the nearby floor and area. Anywhere pipes can burst and cause you trouble, whether they are in the bathroom supply pipes or the kitchen sink pipe. Therefore home supply pipes need to be maintained regularly and professionally inspected. Professionals with years of expertise in this industry, like G. Brand & Sons, know the typical causes of pipe bursts and are equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to address the problems. Let’s look at some of the common causes of pipe bursts:

Excessive Water Pressure

A frequent cause of broken water pipes is excessive water pressure. The pressure the pipes that carry water to homes are designed to endure is typically between 40 and 45 psi, as indicated on the faucets. These pipes occasionally allow for water to pump at higher pressures and speeds into your homes. As a result, the water pressure rises significantly. After a certain point, the pipes can no longer handle the pressure and eventually break, releasing the pressure. Reach out to the experts at G. Brand & Sons to repair your burst pipes and take care of the situation if you’ve just encountered one or are concerned that one might arise in the future.


The pipes in your home, which are primarily constructed of steel, can corrode away over time due to wear and strain and eventually explode under any amount of water pressure. Because of this, pipes need to be replaced after a specific amount of time. According to experts’ advice, switching steel pipes with copper or plastic can also greatly lessen wear and strain.

Improper Pipe installation

Poor pipe connections caused by incorrect pipe installation are one of the main causes of pipe bursts. As a result, if there is additional pressure in the water flow, the danger of a pipe burst increases. When the water pipe reaches the breaking point more quickly than typical, it might readily separate from the seam due to any external force. For this reason, accurate measurements and other required installation procedures must be followed before installing pipes. Additionally, a thorough inspection by professionals can quickly find these underlying problems and prevent a pipe burst.

Unattended and Unnoticed Clogs

Unattended and unnoticed clogs in the water pipes might lead to an excessive internal pressure buildup that can cause the pipes to burst open. So, whenever you notice an unequal water flow in your kitchen, bathroom faucet, or other areas, consider taking the necessary action and seek instant advice from G. Brand & Sons plumbing specialists.

These are a few frequent causes that eventually cause the water pipes to break open. Inform experienced plumbers from G. Brand & Sons immediately if you observe any anomalies with the running faucet, such as slow water flow or leaking faucets, so that we can provide the best plumbing solutions right away. We have been providing plumbing and maintenance services to Melbourne’s residential, business, and industrial customers for more than 90 years. The experts at G. Brand & Sons are waiting to serve you. Get in touch now!

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