What is Pipe Relining?

30 May 2014

Pipe relining is obviously important, but what is it really? How will it benefit you? Well, if you have older property you may want to pay special attention to your plumbing. Many older homes will need relining in the pipes. In some instances there will be rust, and in others there may be holes. There are actually many reasons to have your pipes relined, and it is not just the older home owners who need to be concerned. While they are the higher risk, even people with fairly new homes may face the need to have their pipes relined due to pressure and sewer corrosion.

Pipe relining is actually used widely to mend the develop holes from water and sewage systems. This is a damage corrector that if done in time can prevent the need to replace the pipes altogether. Unfortunately, older pipes are normally underground, so this equals some digging unless you go with pipe relining. That’s right, you can avoid paying to have your pipes dug up and replaced by going with the pipe relining method. That is, if you see to the issues before they are too far gone. Even though this can even fix a burst pipe, like anything else, if you put it off it will only get worse.

So, how does pipe relining work?

There are a couple of different processes for pipe relining. The first thing that is done normally is to have any blockages removed from the pipes. The unblocked and smooth passage from pipe to pipe has to be present for a no dig relining to be carried out.

With advancements in technology a pipe reliner can use a mini-camera to look at the damages that have actually been done. Exact issues can be pinpointed without breaking ground. That not only saves time, but it also saves money.

Once the problem has been diagnosed you are better able to come to any plan or budget adjustments if they are even needed for the job on hand. This is usually when the substance that will repair and line the pipes will be injected. This flows along and gets into all of the problem spots, crevices and cracks. It even repairs holes in your pipes! The great thing is that it will last for many years.

All you have to do is make the call. A specialist can help you get your pipes fixed without the stress of having your pipes dug up, and it is more affordable too.

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