What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems At Home?

20 October 2015

It is good to be prepared, especially if you own a home. One of the many problems to prepare for that occur inside a building, such as a residential home, have to do with the plumbing; it is to be expected, eventually. What are the most common plumbing problems at home, you ask? That is an excellent question, and you will find some listed below.

The Most Common Plumbing Problems At Home

Some problems with household plumbing are notorious, while others are not as common. The first one to mention on the list is surely the most known:

A Dripping Faucet – The working man’s worst nightmare – a dripping faucet, it can not only ruin a good night’s sleep, it can also hurt a family’s monthly budget. If left alone, a dripping faucet can cost an unexpected rise in your monthly water bill, and that’s a bad thing. The main cause is quite simple, worn out washers; replace the rubber or silicone washers with new ones. It’s a basic enough repair job that most folks with proper tools and a little know-how can fix on their own.

A Running Toilet – A dripping sink can definitely raise your monthly water bill, but a running toilet will sink your monthly budget! Much more water is lost from a toilet that runs than a dripping faucet, and it is just as common a plumbing problem. The cause of a running toilet is easy to understand, the regular use and flushing of the toilet puts wear on the float and lever mechanism inside the water reserve tank. And, once it sticks in the open position, then water will continue to flow until you… un-stick it manually by removing the tank’s cover.

Other causes include worn washers or an old water tank plug. Although both can be replaced with some know-how and basic tools, it is always advised to have a problematic running toilet and dripping faucet examined by a certified plumber.

No Pressure/Low Water Pressure – Water is paramount for everyday family needs like washing clothes, washing dishes, washing the car, watering the plants and bathing. When the water in your house trickles out, when it used to flow freely, then something is seriously wrong. Low pressure or no water pressure in the house means potential build-up of sediment or other deposits in the pipes, or even tree roots that have penetrated the pipes. This is definitely a job for a professional plumber, and it is the one plumbing problem that can cost you dearly.

Regular maintenance and a yearly visit by a plumber can elude all of these costly plumbing problems, and while do-it-yourself projects are popular, and can save you money if you know you are doing, a plumber can ensure that your plumbing doesn’t have any serious potential problems lurking.

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