What are Flushometres

24 November 2014

Flushometers are the devices that are often seen in public toilets which serve as the mechanism used to flush urinals and toilets with water. How they work is actually quite simple. Flushometers work by regulating water flow with enough pressure to effectively flush out urinals and toilets of human wastes. As a regulating device, it cuts down high pressure water enough as is needed to flush with, it accomplishes this with an internal shutter mechanism. Before flushometers, most public restroom used the older style of flushing tanks that are common place in residential homes.

What Are Flushometers’ Advantage over Flush Tank Toilets?

The advantage is obvious, since flushometers do not use tanks, they take up much less bathroom space. There are other advantages as well. What other advantages? There is no more waiting a flush tank to fill with water again, if the first flush was not enough. Flushometers on the other hand, can flush water immediately and continuously as needed. And, they use less water than tank type flushing mechanisms.

How Flushometers Are Used?

Simply pressing the handle mechanism is all that is needed to flush a toilet or urinal. Doing this opens the internal shutter, which blocks the flow of water until needed. Some flushometer designs use a button instead a handle. Now, with technology, there are new innovative ways to activate flushometers. The most advance activation type uses an infrared beam sensor which detects a person in front of it. When the person leaves the beam area, the shutters are activated allowing water to flow. Because you don’t need to touch anything, there is less risk of germ contact, and that is a huge advantage.

Are Flushometers’ Dependable?

Nothing lasts forever, but with fewer parts than a tank flush system, flashometers have few working parts which all seal internally and made to handle a high pressure environment. Thus, they are durable devices that do not need maintenance until there is leaking around the handle seal, which could be years after installation. When that happens, simply calling a professional can fix the problem.

Who Do You Call?

Although there are many capable plumbing companies Melbourne, one particular company to mention is G Brand and Sons plumbing service. They specialized in flushometer repair and replacement. Whether you have a commercial restroom or you manage a public facility, and you have leaking flushometers or other leaking pipes, they are available to help.

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