Understanding Thermostatic Mixing Valves and Its Benefits

31 May 2016

Gone are the days when you had to deal with sudden hot and cold streams of water that either burned your skin or made you inconveniently uncomfortable. Over the last few years, thermostatic mixing valves have been installed in commercial and residential homes at an incredible rate, for good reasons.

Whether you are building a new bathroom and kitchen, or renovating your existing ones, or you simply just want to benefit from a thermostat mixing valve, then here are some very desirable reasons why automated mixing valves should be a part of your home renovation plans.

Benefit 1: No more inconsistent water temperature.

Imagine that you are turning on the sink faucet to wash your hands, thinking that you will receive comfortable warm water, but you don’t, you get cold water instead. Or, you are about to splash cool refreshing water on your face and then suddenly the water temperature starts getting uncomfortably hot, nearly burning your hands.

This can and often does happen in the shower too, but there is nowhere to go to escape, and taking a few moments to change the water temperature can seem like a long time, especially when you are being sprayed with uncomfortable water temperature.

Benefit 2: It is an effective safety feature.

Thankfully, a thermostatic mixing valve can be set to regulate accurate water temperature in the home by allowing you to control the water temperature. Above the temperature you set, the supply of water will be cut off, this feature effectively prevents occurrences of scalding. It is an ideal safety feature for children and elderly who may be unable to adjust the water temperature quickly, to escape being scalded by unexpected hot water spraying out of the shower taps or sink faucets.

Basically, thermostatic mixing valves should be an integral part of every home, for safety sake.

Benefit 3: No major changes required.

If you thought that installing thermostat valves meant digging into the tiles and walls to get to the plumbing, think again. Modern day temperature regulation on valves can be completed in just a few hours, without damaging your property.

Who can help you with the installation?

It is critical that you have your thermostatic mixing valves installed with the help of certified plumbers, like G Brand & Sons Plumbing. They are plumbing experts that have decades of experience and can help you with any residential, commercial or industrial plumbing concern.

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