Top 4 Symptoms of a Busted Water Pipe in Your Property

12 October 2021

Buildings maximise different types of connections in distributing vital utilities. Electricity is often distributed by various power lines and components, while potable water and wastewater are dispersed through pipes and fixtures. Buildings that utilise gas then distribute the said utility through pipelines.

Potable water and wastewater, in particular, must be transported optimally to ensure that the properties will remain clean and hygienic. Thanks to the existence of plumbing systems, pipes can easily take in potable water from the main supply and send it to various plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. Drains are then installed to ensure that wastewater can be removed from the properties.

Since pipes play a vital role in water distribution, they must always be in good condition. If your property, however, manifests these problems, then your pipes are already busted.

  1. Blemished Water Supply

One clear sign that your property has busted water pipes is the existence of a blemished water supply. Pipes are meant to transfer potable water supply properly. With fully functional pipes, your plumbing fixtures can certainly provide clear water. But if your water has sustained some brownish tint or emits a foul odour, then your pipes have surely obtained critical damages. With broken pipes, their water content may be overwhelmed with harmful elements, which can generate health problems for you and others.

  1. Dripping Wall Noises

Another symptom that your property has busted water pipes is the presence of dripping noises in your walls. Pipes are installed in areas where they could effectively transport water. Hence, some of them may be located in various portions of your property. Once these pipes have become broken, then some of their water content will drip, which can then generate a clanging or dripping noise. Once these noises occur, you must call for professional help right away.

  1. Erratic Water Pressure

The water pressure of your plumbing system is set to effectively provide the needed water for your fixtures. As long as the pipes are intact, the water pressure inside your property will remain stable for a long time. Once you have encountered some fluctuations in your water pressure, then it may mean that your pipes are already busted. Fluctuating water pressure, when remained unresolved, can be dangerous since it may lead to sudden blasting of water into one’s face or skin.

  1. Formation of Mould

One other symptom that your property has busted pipes is the presence of too much mould. Mould only grow and spread if a specific place has excess moisture. With busted pipes, the water leaking from these plumbing components will only introduce key areas of your property to moisture. As more mould spores exist on your property, some of you might start to develop health issues due to prolonged mould exposure. Some issues that you may have include throat irritation, cough, and nasal stuffiness.

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