The Importance of Backflow Preventers for Sanitation and Hygiene

18 June 2015

Sanitation and hygiene are of paramount importance within a home, and backflow preventers help ensure a clean home environment. How? What is a backflow preventer? Backflow is when non-potable, or contaminated water or other substances flows back into a potable water system through a cross-connection. And, that is not a good thing.

Regulatory agencies find that cross connections have the highest potential for contamination. Backflow can happen when the water pressure in water piping changes, forcing the water to flow opposite the direction where it should go. If the water system is unprotected, pollutants and contaminants may enter and contaminate water used for drinking, showering and laundry.

Why then should we not eliminate cross connection to prevent backflow? That is easier said than done, because there will always be a need for cross connections. This is where the importance of backflow preventers for sanitation and hygiene comes in. Backflow preventers are mechanisms designed to prevent potential health hazard of backflow, and these are installed to protect water systems from contamination or pollution.

The Importance of Backflow Preventers

According to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011, which was last updated in March 2015, one way of ensuring protection and maintenance of the water distribution system in a home is to strictly follow the policies for backflow prevention. Users must comply with regulations on how to properly fit devices that prevent backflow and requires that these devices should be installed by accredited plumbers.

G. Brand & Sons Plumbers in Melbourne have the accreditation to assess your water system and will let you know if you need to install a backflow preventer. And once the device is installed, they make sure it is working properly and can schedule periodic checks to monitor its performance, along with the rest of your plumbing.

A Plumbing Company with a Long History

Since 1924, G. Brand and Sons Plumbers can rightfully boast about their long and successful history of helping residential, commercial and industrial property owners with their plumbing needs. No job is too big or too small, and all work comes with these guarantees:

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The company employees are proud to stand by their work and services, and the company’s clients from across industries and demographics can attest to that. If you or anyone you know has blocked sewers, burst pipes, need hot water services and gas fittings, contact G. Brand & Sons Plumbers, you’ll be glad you did.

Aside from installing backflow preventers, the company also installs commercial roofing, rainwater harvest systems and recycled water systems, and conducts roofing inspections and report auditing.

Visit their website at, and see for yourself why G. Brand & Sons Plumbers are the preferred choice among Melbourne residents, for all these good reasons.

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