Professional and Quality Industrial Plumbing Services for Pollution Prevention and Control

03 November 2017

Professional and quality industrial plumbing services are sought after by industries that require using large amounts of water, or other type of liquids in their manufacturing or processing of products and raw materials. Depending on the type of industry, the need to take extra pre-emptive measures for pollution prevention and control is not only necessary, but also required to minimise pollutants from reaching into storm drains, fresh water tanks, and sewer lines.

Industrial plumbing services can definitely help develop pollution prevention programs that cater to the specific needs of individual facilities, to not only protect on-site water quality, but to also prevent chemical pollutants from reaching storm drains and sewer systems.

What is Pollution Prevention and Control?

Understanding industrial plumbing pollution prevention is easy, it means to not produce waste in the first place, or taking measures to reduce, reuse, or recycle any waste produced to minimise the risk of it contaminating water systems and drains. Industrial plumbers can help develop pollution prevention and control measure for all type of industrial facilities.

The first step is to limit water usage, or look for ways to use treated wastewater or rainwater as a substitute source of water whenever possible. These are very basic examples of how pollution prevention and control works to lessen a company’s environmental impact. One of the best pre-emptive measures to take to prevent generated waste, pollution, or chemicals from discharging or backflowing into water systems and drains is to install backflow prevention devices.

Industrial backflow preventers are a critical part of any industrial facility’s pollution prevention and control plan. These devices are to ensure that water or liquids do not make a cross connection into fresh water supplies, storm drains, or sewer lines. If an industrial facility is connected to the public water supply, then these types of devices are required by law and need to be maintained.

G. Brand & Sons Professional and Quality Industrial Plumbing Services

For large facilities with multiple plumbing systems, maintaining backflow preventers, and checking for leaks in pipes and drains is a necessary task best left to professional industrial plumbers, just like G. Brand & Sons plumbers.

Industrial plumbing have become a specialised field, and choosing a qualified and dependable industrial plumber is definitely a priority for any industrial type of facility that requires the use of large amounts of water, or other types of liquids, in the manufacturing and processing of products and raw materials.

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