Plumbers are important when an emergency strikes, do you have one?

29 January 2015

OK—how about emergency plumbing services, most home owners cringe at the thought, and then dismiss the possibilities. Believe it, many people have experienced plumbing emergencies and know what it’s like. As a matter of fact, it’s not uncommon to have to replace a water heater in under 10years, and locating a plumber at short notice is not easy!

In a plumbing emergency, it is difficult to concentrate on the important things to consider such as locating a plumber, estimating the costs of parts and labour and ensuring quality service. It can be ‘stressful’ to attempt to combine all those concerns in an emergency, and then to make a decision on which plumber to use. Fortunately, for a few folks, they know a friend who knows a plumber, but what about those who aren’t as fortunate?

Who is your plumber when an emergency strikes?

Residential homes aren’t the only locations where a plumbing emergency can occur. Everyday businesses that have plumbing and use water are at risk such as grocery store, butcher shops, floral shops and dental clinics. The plumbing can back up all over the floors and hinder daily operations until the leaks can be stopped and water cleaned up. At these moments tension can be thick and an available plumber can be difficult to find on a short notice.

Seriously, businesses and home owners need to have a plumber on call to ensure they will have the professional help they need, when they need it … ASAP. Ultimately, you must be able to count on an honest and reliable plumber in any emergency. Fortunately, there are some very good plumbing companies in Melbourne, such as G. Brand & Sons Plumbing.

A plumbing company you can count on

G. Brand & Sons are plumbers you and your business can count on in an emergency. The company is dependable and has well over 90 years in the plumbing business under their utility belt, and their work ethics reflect that. As a plumbing company, they are well known all over Melbourne for being plumbers that can handle any residential or commercial project, or any plumbing emergency. The company is proud members of the Master Plumbers Association and Green Plumbers Australia, and customers can expect a watertight guarantee of quality.

G. Brand & Sons plumbing services are available to serve residents and businesses in Melbourne, such as schools, hospitals, factories, shopping centers, restaurants, etc. Plumbing concerns or emergencies which include pipes, sewers, hot water services, gas fittings, gutters and down pipes, these are just a few areas to mention where G. Brand & Sons can help in an emergency.

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