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25 September 2013

“Why hire a plumber? It is just a racket to bilk ignorant people out of money. If you could teach a monkey that water flows downhill and leaks are bad, that monkey could be a plumber.” – This is the sort of thing one can often hear those who have no idea what they are saying profess. If it were just them who could potentially be injured by their attitude, we would probably consider it poetic justice when their mistakes come back to bite them. The fact that others could be swayed into unwise decisions based on their rants changes them from harmless idiots into genuine hazards.

The most insidious aspect of this type of rant is that they’re right. Plumbing is a super easy concept to fathom – you get liquid from point a to point b without leaks and everything is good. The problem is that a simple concept does not translate into something just anyone can successfully pull off. Extracting teeth is a very simple concept. How many would prefer to surgically remove their own teeth instead of having a dentist perform the operation?

There are two massive dangers with plumbing gone wrong: Flooding and leaks

Flooding, while more spectacular, is often the lesser of two evils. Water spewing uncontrollably from a pipe can destroy anything from carpet to electronics. What makes this the lesser evil is that the plume of water spraying from a broken pipe is a pretty clear sign that an emergency plumber needs to be brought in to deal with the situation.

Leaks, on the other hand, are often invisible, and in this lies their true danger. Invisible leaks can sit for years, spreading moisture in areas where no moisture should be. The effect of such leaks can be detrimental to the health of people in the home as mold and mildew thrive on the leaks. It can also be financially devastating as the moisture can encourage actual structural rot and require massive renovation.

To make matters worse, most of us rely on the same protection from such household catastrophes – insurance. The problem for the unwise do it yourselfer is that insurance almost always includes the contingency that there will be no payout for those who cause the damage themselves.

Plumbing is a very simple concept. Understanding and preventing the complications that can arise from performing a plumbing repair or change is anything but simple. Wise people understand that they do not pay plumbers because it is impossible for them to do the job right themselves, but rather it is to protect themselves from doing the job wrong.

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