Harmful Wastes that Can Contaminate Public Water When Backflow Preventer Fails

22 August 2019

All property owners need to understand the safety issues of their plumbing systems and the consequences when a backflow preventer fails. While backflow(greywater) is a serious concern for residential properties, as it can contaminate a home’s fresh water used for bathing, drinking, and cooking, causing a serious health hazard, commercial properties also need to be aware about the dangers of backflow preventer failure.

In residential buildings and homes, backflow preventers keep sewer water (blackwater) from cross-contaminating into fresh water lines, and sewage from backflowing into drains that can reach public water systems. While these are the same concerns of commercial properties too, businesses and factories also need to make sure that harmful wastes do not contaminate public water when backflow preventer fails.

Harmful Wastes From Backflow that Can Contaminate Public Water

Here are some types of harmful wastes that can contaminate public water when backflow preventer fails:

Residential properties – when residential backflow preventer fails, greywater – water typically used in showers, sinks, and washing machines, may contain grease, household chemicals, and hair – which can find their way into the ground and public drainage systems and can ultimately contaminate public water. The same is true of blackwater – water that has come into contact with feces, either from toilets or water used in the washing of diapers.

Commercial and industrial properties – with the same concerns as above, commercial and industrial properties also need to maintain backflow preventers. However, there are different types of harmful wastes that can contaminate public water when backflow preventer fails.

For example, commercial and industrial properties have different types of plumbing and drainage systems than residential properties. Because of this, plumbers need specialised training to diagnose and repair the plumbing and drainage systems of factories and manufacturing plants that work with chemicals and materials that are used in producing machinery parts, pharmaceuticals, textiles, steel production, electronics, chemicals, and petroleum based products.

Preventing backflow of hazardous and harmful wastes that can contaminate public water is a top priority for factories and manufacturing plants, and specialised plumbers are vital in making sure that the complex plumbing and drainage systems, including specialised backflow preventers, do not fail.

Whether you have a residential property, a commercial building, or an industrial facility, you need a professional plumber to maintain your plumbing systems and backflow preventers. For licensed professional plumbers that specialise in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing, contact G. Brand & Sons Plumbers today for a free no-obligation consultation and price quote.

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