Everything that You Should Know About Thermostatic Mixing Valves

12 January 2021

One fixture that many households have been utilising for a very long time is thermostatic mixing valves. These valves have been useful in providing water on taps and showers that have a tolerable temperature, which can effectively prevent scalding and avoid the development of harmful bacteria in water storage.

If you are about installing thermostatic mixing valves on your property, then here are some important facts and information about them that you might want to know first.

Working Principles

Thermostatic mixing valves work by combining hot and cold water to make sure that the water will be at the set temperature. And to ensure that the temperature is met, these valves utilise thermal sensitive components that can contract or expand according to the temperature fluctuations of the incoming water. Normally, the temperature of the valve is set and determined by a certified plumber.

Homeowners who have existing hot water systems are required to obtain thermostatic mixing valves for them remain compliant to the industry regulations and standards. Even other properties such as schools and care facilities are required to have these valves to prevent scalding and any health issues.

Typical Location

Most of the thermostatic mixing valves are installed alongside the water heater itself. Alternatively, they can also be installed at plumbing fittings that need to control water temperature.

One important thing to remember, however, is that these valves must be installed by professionals since they need to be tested right after the installation process. Installing them by yourself might not also be efficient as you might end up damaging your newly purchased valves and other plumbing fittings.

Associated Benefits

With proper installation and testing of thermostatic mixing valves, you and your property can expect to obtain some great benefits and advantages.

For one, the presence of functional thermostatic mixing valves allows you to feel safer due to their accompanying features. They can swiftly detect any anomalies on the water temperatures and cut off the water supply once they cannot control them. Additionally, they can keep the water temperatures within safe levels, preventing any risk of scalding and other health-related problems due to extremely hot water.

Another great benefit of thermostatic mixing valves is that they provide convenience to properties. All the processes involved in regulating water temperatures are already handled by the valves.

As thermostatic mixing valves are utilised in properties, property owners like you can experience significant savings when it comes to the consumption of water and energy. The need for additional processes just to meet your preferred water temperatures is already shortened by these valves. Therefore, you can expect lower expenses as you live with these helpful valves

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