Drain Pipes: Major Blockage Issues that DIY Jobs Cannot Do

28 March 2017

Eventually, with use, all plumbing systems and drains will develop clogs, although, there are preventive measure one can take to keep this from happening, such as avoiding flushing things down the drains in your home. Otherwise, there is no way to avoid drain pipe blockages. However, there are many things one can do to clear drain pipe blockages, without calling a plumber.

Unfortunately, DIY jobs have their limitations, especially when it come to a major drain pipe blockage, also, there are some DIY techniques that are recommended on YouTube that may work, for a while, but too can make a clogged drain worse.

Major Drain Pipe Blockage Issues that DIY Jobs Cannot Fix

While some stubborn drain pipe clogs can be tackled with chemical drain cleaners, or other household materials, and used with success on drains for kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets, these clogs are usually near the drain itself. However, further down the drain pipe, where access is limited or in the case of underground pipes, the job should be turned over to a licensed plumber or drain-cleaning service. Otherwise, trying to unclog a blocked drain, using chemical agents, or physically removing plumbing in an attempt to clear the obstruction, can cause permanent damage.

Actually, there are many cases of DIY home projects that attempted to unblock drain pipes ended up badly, and then later, the cost of repairs far exceeded the amount that would have otherwise been charged if a professional plumber was called in beforehand. With that said, sometimes it is best to call a professional plumber before attempting a DIY plumbing job.

When DIY Methods Don’t Work: Call a Professional Plumber, Call G. Brand and Sons

If you have a major drain pipe blockage issue, and your DIY project just won’t work, then you need to call on professionals to get to the bottom of your problem. Often times, serious blockages are far down the drain pipe, and there is no way of telling what the cause of the problem is without a CCTV drain camera inspection.

There is no hiding the cause of a serious drain pipe blockage from the eyes of a CCTV camera. It may be roots of a tree that have grown into the drain pipe, or a piece of plastic that has found its way down your drain, actually, there are many things that can cause a clog. However, no matter what the cause, the professional at G. Brand & Sons Plumbers can fix it, or any other plumbing problem you may have. So, don’t risk damaging your home’s plumbing with a DIY project, call professional plumbers instead.

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